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Our story

Our creators were early adopters of the Merch by Amazon platform. Always expanding and trying new angles of online business, they soon decided to try and speed up the research and listing process and the Merch Informer software was born.

When they became aware of a new way to take their same design catalog and create an entirely new full time income from those same design assets, they quickly put together a plan. 

After testing and experimenting with selling no content books on Amazon, they knew there had to be an easier way. The process was too long, too complicated, and too much of a headache to easily streamline. The royalties started to come in, but the work involved was taking up too much time!

Book Bolt was created out of a necessity to create the best books, the best listings, and make the most money from the no content book method. What used to be a long and painful process is now an easy way to add another stream of income to your print on demand business!

The Founders

Neil Lassen:

Internet marketer, growth hacker, and passive income expert featured by Entrepreneur.com and CNBC.com.

Todor Karlikov:

Old School Internet Marketer, Merch Early Adopter, Team Builder, Serial Entrepreneur