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Imagine turbocharging your online sales on Amazon KDP with a lesser-known gem – all subjects notebooks.

We’re ripping open the pages to find out whether these versatile titans can be your secret armament for driving your Best Sellers Rank to all-time lows. Fasten your bookmarks and let’s dive into this classic notebook niche!

A market overview

To understand more about this specific market, we utilized the tools and capabilities of Book Bolt. The software gave us a sneak peek into the segment, revealing shoppers’ search behaviors, best-selling listings, data on sales volumes, prices, BSRs, and more.

But before we dive into the details, let’s start from scratch and lay out a basic overview of the market.

We started our research with a basic product search on Book Bolt. Typing in “all subjects” in the notebook category, we identified more than 100 listings that rank for this phrase. This indicates that the market is well-developed, with enough competing products in the space.

Next, we examined the bestsellers, using the Cloud module. Here, we only discovered 49 listings. The difference in the quantity shows that although a lot of sellers offer all subjects notebooks, few of them make it to the list of chart-toppers with incredibly low BSRs.

Why? One explanation is that the phrase “all subjects notebooks” is not the most attractive one. To find out, we had to perform extensive keyword research.

Some of the findings we landed on are as follows:

  • 3rd grade workbooks all subjects – 309 733 – no data
  • 2nd grade workbooks all subjects – 309 668 – no data
  • 7th grade workbooks all subjects – 304 817 – no data
  • 6th grade workbooks all subjects – 98 372 – no data
  • 4th grade workbooks all subjects – 98 353 – no data

Next to each phrase, you can see its monthly search volume and competition level.

Right off the bat, we can see that all subjects workbooks are a total hit among users. With more than 300,000 buyers searching for this type of product, it’s definitely a lucrative option to explore.

However, workbooks are slightly different from notebooks. They usually contain questions and instructions, whereas notebooks are mostly blank.

Luckily, we were able to spot phrases related to notebooks specifically:

  • all subject notebook – 6 055 – high
  • notebook for all subjects -1 307 – high

Two things stand out from this data. First, the search volume is much lower than that of all subject workbooks (around 6,000 compared to more than 300,000). In addition, the competition level is high, while that of workbook-related phrases is “no data” (suggesting a low or zero competition).

This explains the fact that few “all subject notebook” listings have made it to the bestseller list, while there are multiple choices on Amazon KDP.

Do all subject notebooks sell on Amazon?

Just because the Cloud tool doesn’t show a wide array of listings ranking for “all subjects notebook” doesn’t necessarily mean that these products don’t sell.

In fact, we can prove the contrary by looking at the average BSR of all products on the platform using this phrase in titles or descriptions. In this case, the average Best Seller Rank is 113,511, which is much lower than other notebook niches, like “grade notebooks” where the average BSR is 1,301,783.

However, here’s another thought to consider. The quantity of listings optimized for “all subjects notebooks” is lower than that of “grade notebooks”. This means that Book Bolt factors in higher data volumes, where low-performing products can skew the results. From this perspective, the low average BSR could purely be a result of fewer insights that help shape the final number.

The themes that are most successful

Dissecting the niche, we also noticed that not all notebooks in the market are the same. Sellers take advantage of different themes to make their book designs more attractive, or their target audience more specific.

When evaluating the results from the Cloud tool, we identified the following frequently used terms among listings:

  • College
  • Gift
  • Blank
  • Daily
  • School
  • Lefthanded
  • Learn
  • Floral

At first sight, these keywords may appear random. However, a close look can give out a lot about the specifics of the market.

For instance, at a glance, we can see that all subjects notebooks often suit educational purposes, hence the “college”, “school”, and “learn” terms. At the same time, it appears that Amazon shoppers often purchase them as gifts for kids or friends.

Additionally, a lot of listings use the word “lefthanded”, signaling a trend for all subjects notebooks for left-handed users. And from a cover design perspective, floral elements seem to be performing exceptionally well.

Tying all of this into a single conclusion, we can suggest the following best practices:

  • Pinpoint a broad target audience (like users in school, college, or simply looking to learn new things)
  • Dig deeper into your desired market (for example, targeting left-handed shoppers)
  • Create popular cover designs that are performing well among bestsellers (in this case, the floral theme)

Market prices you need to know about

When entering a new niche, it’s important to consider the pricing strategies you can exploit. After all, your notebook price (along with other factors, like page length) will dictate your royalties.

In this specific market, the lowest, highest, and average prices are as follows:

  • $3.38
  • $49.00
  • $8.31

Keep in mind that there is no written rule stating that you must follow these examples. However, in order to remain competitive in the niche, it’s strongly advisable to ask for a price similar to the average in the market. This will prevent underselling or overselling your book design, making your product more attractive to consumers.

In this case, our recommendation is to price your all subjects notebooks somewhere around $8.31.

Thinking outside the box

So far, we’ve dedicated our research specifically to the keyword phrase “all subjects notebooks”. But this approach is often limiting and blurring the bigger picture.

Think of lined notebooks. Unless the book cover suggests otherwise, they’re the perfect solution for all subjects, even if the title or description doesn’t always feature this term.

Comparing the metrics, it becomes clear that lined notebooks are much more popular than “all subjects notebooks”. However, keep in mind that they’re not strictly limited to multi-subject notebooks.

Backing words with numbers, we uncovered more than 300 bestsellers for “lined notebooks”. Remember, we couldn’t locate any top performers for “all subjects notebooks” and solely relied on data from all listings on the platform.

The average BSR of “lined notebook” listings is 293 021, which is twice that of “all subjects notebooks” (113 511), yet still translates into fruitful sales volumes.

Let’s look at a bestselling example.

The “Composition Notebook Wide Ruled: Blue Camo Wide Ruled Blank Lined Workbook for Kids and Teens for Elementary, Middle School Students or Teachers for … 7.5 x 9.75 in 100 Sheets, 200 Pages” listing is one of the most successful items from the space. It sells for $5.59 and has a BSR of 155 985, equating to around 200 monthly sales.

One detail struck us instantly. The seller has taken advantage of the word “workbook” – a keyword we identified earlier as extremely popular among shoppers. In this title, you can’t see the phrase “all subjects”. At the same time, the product is designed to suit this demand, as it’s targeted at kids and teens in elementary school or middle school. It’s even suitable for teachers, making it an all-purpose gem.

This example shows that the all subjects notebook is far more diverse than it initially appears. Making strategic choices must involve a deep and thorough analysis, along with fact-based decision-making.


The all subjects notebook market surprised us with unexpected results. Originally expected to create immense opportunities for sellers, the niche turned out to be complex, diverse, and not always as satisfactory as we imagined.

Luckily, with insights from Book Bolt, you can properly assess the potential of this segment and make strategic choices that will transform your performance on Amazon KDP.

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