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For an effective Amazon KDP strategy for no- and low-content books, most Sellers by now would have realized that selling just one book won’t cut it. A variety of categories, niches, and types of products is essential when building a portfolio that buyers can choose from. What’s more is that by having a wider portfolio, […]

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Amazon KDP is one of the best ways for self-publishers to make a name for themselves in the publishing world. It’s also an incredibly flexible self-publishing platform for anyone looking for a new, easily-scalable side hustle. Find out more about: Amazon KDP Book Publishing Optimization. In order to have an optimized KDP book and rank […]

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There are around 33 million books on Amazon and research indicates that approximately 70 new books are published on the marketplace every hour. These are staggering figures, especially for a book Seller. The reason for the popularity of the Amazon marketplace is that it is simply, and without a doubt, one of the largest platforms […]

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Traditionally, publishing books, journals, or comics was basically impossible unless you had connections, were extremely lucky, or just so happened to be a talented writer. Today, online tools like Amazon KDP have made it nearly effortless for writers and non-writers to self-publish! Here’s our: Amazon KDP Overview – What you Need to Know. Amazon KDP […]

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It’s a given that selecting niches, sub-niches, and micro-niches on Amazon KDP is good for business. This methodology targets and segments a Seller’s customer base more effectively as you’re better able to cater to specific needs. Religion-themed no- and low-content books are no different. This is a niche with sub- and micro-niches that is worth […]

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It’s a given that there are literally millions of no- and low-content books on Amazon KDP. While it’s natural to assume that most of these books are aimed at children and school-going teens, there appears to be an untapped market for adults. Creating your no- and low-content book strategy for grown-ups requires a closer look […]

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A successful Amazon KDP strategy means weaving together several factors in order to be profitable. For some, this might mean the importance of having a great cover design. Meanwhile, others might believe that listings optimization is the key to success. This debate requires some careful consideration. After all: should you focus on your cover or […]