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Representing a world where art meets serenity, the mandala coloring book category offers more than just figures to fill in.

It serves as a gateway to mindfulness and tranquility, providing a canvas for artistic aspirations.

In this article, we explore mandala coloring books for adults on Amazon KDP. We also reveal key insights that turn this market into one of the most attractive ones for sellers on the platform.

The beauty of mandala coloring books explained

Mandala coloring books for adults have gained popularity in recent years thanks to their therapeutic, stress-relieving nature.

Designed to feature repetitive and intricate patterns to color, these no-content books allow consumers to unwind and focus on the present moment.

They’re known to encourage mindfulness, awareness, and concentration. Often described as meditative, mandala coloring books are a helpful way to disconnect from daily stressors and promote mental well-being.

All of these characteristics naturally make them a trend on Amazon KDP.

But let’s dive into the numbers to determine how big they are in reality.

How big are mandala coloring books on Amazon KDP?

To identify the size of the adult mandala coloring book space, we used the available tools and features in Book Bolt.

We extracted valuable information on three core metrics that reveal how popular these products are on Amazon KDP:

  • Listing saturation
  • Average BSR
  • Popularity among shoppers

Here’s what each metric disclosed.

Listing saturation

Using Book Bolt’s Cloud tool, we examined all of the best-selling listings rankings for the keyword “mandala” in the coloring book category.

According to the software, there are more than 500 items that classify as chart-toppers.

This instantly shows that the market is well-developed, with hundreds of books competing for traffic and sales.

While some sellers may consider this high listing saturation aggressive, our findings suggest that there is enough room for new market entrants. We’ll explain this in more detail in the following sections.

Average BSR

Next, we inspected the sales potential of all top-selling mandala coloring books for adults.

Book Bolt uncovered that the bestsellers have an average BSR of 262,098. This is an incredibly low number, especially given the fact that it represents BSRs of more than 500 listings.

Based on this discovery, we can conclude that there are more than enough opportunities to generate sales in this niche.

Popularity among shoppers

Although mandala coloring books for adults stand out with an impressively low average BSR, it’s essential to look at buyers’ browsing behavior.

Are shoppers interested in this category? What types of mandala coloring books are they mostly searching for?

Using Book Bolt’s Keywords module, we identified the following high-search-volume keywords:

  • unidragon mandala – 17,023
  • mandala coloring – 16,398
  • mandala colorin – 15,951
  • mandala adults – 15,249
  • mandala color – 14,526
  • mandala books – 14,520
  • intricate mandala – 9,233
  • lotus mandala – 4,820
  • cat mandala coloring – 4,201
  • zen mandala – 3,969

Right off the bat, we can see that there’s a significant demand for mandala coloring books. Phrases like “mandala coloring”, “mandala colorin”, “mandala color”, “and cat mandala coloring” all represent this, with a combined search volume exceeding 50,000.

The list also displays sub-niches that sellers can target, including unidragon mandalas, intricate mandalas, lotus mandalas, and cat mandalas.

This brings us to the next point – trends in the adult mandala coloring book niche.

Popular trends in the mandala coloring book niche

Choosing to penetrate the adult mandala coloring book space is already considered niching down. You’ve chosen a specific theme and can position your listing in this category by using main keywords, like “mandala” and “coloring book”.

However, given the level of competition, it’s recommended to niche down even further. This sales strategy will allow you to target a more specific audience, gain a competitive edge, and outperform others in the space.

To identify trending sub-niches, we’ll explore popular listing title keywords, designs, and target audiences.


Above, we identified some of the most popular keywords in the mandala coloring book niche.

However, when assessing the bestsellers, we also discovered additional words and phrases sellers use to boost rankings in the niche.

These can be categorized into several groups:

  • Benefits – stress, relaxation, creativity, relaxing, relief, mindfulness, mindful, relieving
  • Main keywords – coloring, book, mandala, mandalas, designs, color
  • Target audience – adults, adult, women
  • Themes – animal, flowers, funny, fun, art
  • Descriptive – pages, patterns, unique, easy, large, simple, printed

Incorporating these diverse keywords into your listing titles and descriptions will help you attract more traffic to your products.

In addition, this data is useful for idea generation. It can inspire your creativity and motivate you to produce a top-selling book design.


When it comes to mandala coloring book covers, you don’t need to spend hours assessing patterns and illustrations.

At a glance, it becomes apparent that vibrant colors dominate. Animal shapes and patterns take center stage, where most covers feature a rich mandala background and minimal, easy-to-read title text.

Target audience

Throughout our research, we focused on analyzing mandala coloring books specifically targeted at adults.

However, to be more competitive, we advise targeting a particular adult group. This will make your listing more relevant to the right audience and will reward you with a higher sales potential.

Based on the insights from our research, it appears that women are the most popular buyer segment in the mandala coloring book space.

To successfully target this audience, include the word “women” in your listing title or description.

Prices and profitability

Now, let’s move on to the most interesting part of this article – profitability.

Despite being one of the most trendy coloring book niches on Amazon KDP, mandalas may not guarantee the financial gains you’re after.

According to Book Bolt, the minimum, maximum, and average prices in the market are:

  • Lowest Price – $2.95
  • Highest Price – $16.98
  • Average Price – $7.83

Using an Amazon KDP royalties calculator, we unearthed that pricing around the average in this segment will yield per-sale royalties of $2.40 for a 100-page book.

To put this into perspective and forecast monthly revenue, it’s key to look at how many monthly sales the bestsellers in the niche are generating.

A look into the bestsellers

Mindful Patterns Coloring Book for Adults: An Easy and Relieving Amazing Coloring Pages Prints for Stress Relief & Relaxation Drawings by Mandala Style Patterns Decorations to Color” is the number one top-performing listing in this category.

The seller has strategically positioned this item close to the market average ($7.83). At a few cents higher, this book sells for $7.87 and has a BSR of 283. This translates into 733 monthly sales.

Working out the maths, it becomes apparent that this author is landing monthly returns of $1,774.

For most sellers, this is considered a fruitful opportunity. Note that this result is from a single listing.

Now, imagine creating a successful portfolio of mandala coloring books for adults. You could be making thousands of dollars from your side gig every month.

But what makes this particular product stand out from the rest?

First, the title is rich, diverse, and keyword-rich. The book creator uses words like “mindful”, “patterns”, “coloring book for adults”, “easy”, “relieving”, “pages”, “stress relief”, “relaxation”, and “mandala”.

All of these phrases came up throughout our research as top-searched keywords, guaranteeing visibility and high rankings.

Second, the price of this item is very close to the average in the niche, giving the seller a competitive edge.

Third, the design features an intricate mandala cover with bright orange, red, blue, green, and yellow colors. This perfectly fits in with the popular styles in this segment, making this item visually appealing.

Tips and tricks for selling mandala coloring books on Amazon KDP

Considering our assessment of the adult mandala coloring book market on Amazon KDP, we recommend the following tips and tricks for new entrants:

  • Optimize your listings for more than just “mandala coloring book for adults”. Use some of the insights we offer above. Some great examples of high-search-volume keywords include “intricate mandala”, “lotus mandala”, “relaxation”, “stress relief”, and more.
  • Start with a price that’s close to the average in the niche, or $7.83. As you gain experience and customer reviews, you can gradually increase your rates for higher royalties.
  • Niche down and select a popular theme in the mandala domain. For instance, provide animal mandalas in your book or focus on flower mandalas to make your product visually stimulating.
  • Create a grabbing book cover with bright, vibrant colors. This will help inspire shoppers to learn more about your product at a single glance.

Using these best practices to craft your sales strategy will help you take your mandala coloring books to the next level.


Adult mandala coloring books are one of Amazon KDP’s most attractive niches. They’re popular among consumers, diverse in terms of designs, and promise significant profitability.

However, there are already thousands of sellers competing in this segment.

To make a strong entrance and quickly grow in popularity, it’s key to implement proven practices and make data-backed decisions.

Use Book Bolt to access all of the insights you need and make strategic moves that will take you to your peak performance.

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