religion themed low content books

It’s a given that selecting niches, sub-niches, and micro-niches on Amazon KDP is good for business. This methodology targets and segments a Seller’s customer base more effectively as you’re better able to cater to specific needs. Religion-themed no- and low-content books are no different. This is a niche with sub- and micro-niches that is worth […]

low content books for adults

It’s a given that there are literally millions of no- and low-content books on Amazon KDP. While it’s natural to assume that most of these books are aimed at children and school-going teens, there appears to be an untapped market for adults. Creating your no- and low-content book strategy for grown-ups requires a closer look […]

cover design listing optimization kdp

A successful Amazon KDP strategy means weaving together several factors in order to be profitable. For some, this might mean the importance of having a great cover design. Meanwhile, others might believe that listings optimization is the key to success. This debate requires some careful consideration. After all: should you focus on your cover or […]