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If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve heard us bang the drum about the importance of niches in the arena of low-content books. As the market gets more crowded with wannabees and get-rick-quick-ers, those of us who have put thought into our projects are feeling the pinch. More competition from SEO ninjas and volume-gamers can eclipse the good work we do for the audiences we wish to serve.

Especially in this time, it is critical to be steadfast and stay the course. It’s like owning stock in a company whose mission and fundamentals are sound and then watching it spike when the stupid money flows in. Over time, the stupid money pulls out, the stock drops and then – if the company is truly sound – the stock moves back on a course that correlates with its production and growth.

So, while the “stupid money” is still muddying the waters, it’s time to double down on niches. It’s always a good start to work with niches you know, but – again, a stock analogy – it’s also good to diversify your portfolio.

I’ve collected a bunch of past BookBolt blog articles that are both valuable advice on specific niches as well as very personal to me for a variety of reasons. Hopefully you’ll see these as avenues to explore and reclaim some of that territory.


What are _Hear your story_ books and why are they the new best thing on Amazon KDP

When my daughter was in elementary school, one of her projects was to interview a grandparent about their lives. My mother-in-law’s youth in Europe during WW2 is both interesting and harrowing, and the interview was compelling from the perspective of any age. Even long since her grandmother passed, my daughter still turns to that interview for inspiration and support.

“Hear your story” books redefine personalized storytelling by allowing readers to become the protagonists of their own narratives. These low-content, customizable journals are designed to capture individual life stories, memories, and experiences, often serving as cherished keepsakes that can be passed down through generations. They feature guided prompts, space for responses, photo insertion areas, and can be tailored to the user, making them popular gifts for family members.

The data culled from BookBolt’s robust analytics tools show that the market for “Hear your story” books is significant. Over 500 bestseller listings and an average Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of 260,945, indicate strong sales potential. Monthly search volumes reveal high demand, especially for journals targeted at family members like grandparents, parents, and aunts. To stand out in this crowded market, focus on specific sub-niches and audience segments, using keywords like “gift,” “memories,” “family,” and “prompts” to optimize listings and attract sales.

By adhering to these practices, you can tap into the market’s potential, with top sellers earning thousands in monthly revenue. Crafting a focused sales strategy that addresses a specific audience, uses relevant keywords, and meets market pricing can be a very profitable niche.


Introducing ADHD planners_ А feel-good, socially responsible niche for you to tap into

If you’ve read any of my previous work, it will come as no surprise that I was recently diagnosed with ADH…SQUIRREL!

Well into my fifties, I struggled with the digitization of organization. For decades, my manner of organizing consisted of an erasable-ink wall calendar, a whiteboard and a planner/journal. The Outlook Calendar, and it’s ability to change or be changed by other people, terrified me.

Gen Z, many of whom seem to suffer from the same anxiety and attention-deficit conditions I had – but now have a name, understanding and support for it – are not surprisingly embracing the simple printed planner. If you want proof, the fabled New York Times did a whole piece on it.

And this is also a promising niche if you want to combine social responsibility with profitability. The market shows significant potential, with the top five sellers achieving over 1,000 sales and an average Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of 2,331,787. Keyword research indicates high demand, with “ADHD plan” and related terms generating substantial search volumes, emphasizing the need for planning and organizational tools among the ADHD community.

Successful sellers in this niche utilize a range of keywords in their titles to enhance visibility and cater to the specific needs of their audience, including terms like “planner,” “daily,” “school,” and “focus.” Pricing strategies vary, with products ranging from $4.30 to $25.00, and the average price around $9.96, suggesting a flexible pricing model based on seller experience and product quality. Analysis of top sellers reveals that effective keyword usage, strategic pricing, and thoughtful cover design are key to attracting buyers. Both simplicity and complexity in cover design have proven successful, indicating a degree of creative freedom for sellers.

This niche not only offers a path to financial success on Amazon KDP but also provides a meaningful way to support individuals with ADHD in their daily lives. Send me a link to yours, I may buy one for myself.


adult humor kdp If your eye went right to the cactus, this article is for you.

You may also not be surprised to find out that I was also the editor of my college humor magazine. So, I’m thrilled that adult humor and coloring books are so popular.

With a staggering search volume exceeding 310,000, these books represent a significant market opportunity for you. This niche thrives on the precise use of adult-themed keywords, with terms like “adult coloring book adults” and “NSFW” generating substantial interest, leading to a total monthly search volume of over 500,000 across selected keywords. The variation in keyword terminology, including both direct and euphemistic references to adult content, underscores the niche’s broad appeal and specificity.

This article looks at successful sellers in this category, such as Meherjan Publisher and Rocco Vidal. They leverage a strategic blend of keyword integration, pricing, and cover design to maximize sales and profitability. Their titles effectively incorporate relevant keywords without resorting to stuffing, striking a balance between visibility and readability. Pricing plays a crucial role, with a slight difference potentially leading to significant disparities in profitability. For instance, Rocco Vidal’s higher pricing strategy results in greater earnings compared to Meherjan Publisher.

Cover designs in this niche tend to feature bold, adult-themed imagery, with sellers opting for either minimalist or colorful backgrounds to attract attention. These elements, combined with a strategic approach to Amazon’s advertising platform, can enhance visibility and sales. The adult humor coloring book niche not only offers sellers the chance to tap into a profitable market but also provides a unique way to engage with an audience seeking humor and relaxation through coloring.

Even if we tend to color outside the lines.


A person standing next to a computer screen Description automatically generated

We just presented three very specific niches with high probabilities of success. You could very well success with focusing on those niches alone and go deep into them. However, it is always a sound strategy to diversify.

Niche padding is a strategic approach for seasoned Amazon KDP sellers aiming to achieve year-round profitability and minimize market risks. By expanding into multiple genres or categories of no- and low-content books, you can balance sales throughout the year, rather than relying on seasonal peaks alone. This method is particularly beneficial for experienced creators ready to grow their portfolio beyond initial successes, allowing for a more stable and diversified income stream.

Advantages of niche padding include the potential for consistent sales, risk reduction by not depending solely on a few titles, discovery of untapped or less competitive niches, and enhanced author profile reputation leading to increased customer loyalty. However, the primary challenge lies in avoiding the trap of producing a high volume of low-quality books, which could saturate the market and negatively impact sales.

Effective niche padding involves careful research and selection of niches, incorporating a wide range of targeted keywords in product titles, and adopting a pricing strategy that balances competitiveness with profitability. For instance, contrasting case studies in the article demonstrate the importance of diversification: one seller focused narrowly on forgotten password organizers, limiting their market reach, whereas another successfully expanded their product range to include both seasonal back-to-school items and evergreen notebooks and sketchbooks, thus ensuring a steady income throughout the year.

In practice, niche padding requires a thoughtful and well-researched approach, leveraging tools like Book Bolt for market insights and strategic planning. Start with a core set of profitable products before diversifying to prevent market flooding with low-demand items. Ultimately, niche padding can significantly enhance your Amazon KDP market presence and profitability if executed correctly.

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