What are _Hear your story_ books and why are they the new best thing on Amazon KDP
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In the ever-evolving world of Amazon KDP, “Hear your story” books are among the latest wave-creating trends you need to know about.

These creative products are not just redefining storytelling via low- or no-content books. They’re personalizing it, providing readers with an immersive experience where they take center role in the narrative.

In the following sections, we dive deeper into this niche, exploring its potential. We explore what “Hear your story” books are, the size of the market, the top sub-niches in the market, and more.

Defining “Hear your story” books

“Hear your story” books are unique low-content book formats. They’re typically personalized journals designed to capture the life stories, memories, and experiences of individuals.

Often given as gifts, “Hear your story” books are intended to create a lasting, personal record of someone’s life, viewed through their perspective and words.

Although every journal from this category is unique, here are some of the common features shared by all products from this category:

  • Guided prompts and questions – “Hear your story” books usually contain prompts and questions for guidance. Some questions may be related to early childhood memories, significant life events, opinions, and personal reflections.
  • Room for responses – The key to this journal type is the available space for responses. This enables the user to record their stories, experiences, and thoughts.
  • Space for photo insertion – It’s also typical for “Hear your story” books to feature sections for photos, where users can add a visual complement to each story.
  • Customization – Personalization is central to “Hear your story” journals. They usually target a specific person and their format allows for customization.
  • Keepsake value – Keep in mind that “Hear your story” books are often passed down through generations. They’re a valuable item that can preserve family history.

But how popular are these gems on Amazon KDP?

How popular are “Hear your story” books on Amazon KDP?

Using Book Bolt, we discovered that the “Hear your story” journal niche is faring exceptionally well on Amazon KDP.

According to the tool, there are more than 500 bestseller listings rankings for the keyword “hear your story” in the journal category. They have an average BSR of 260,945, revealing the market’s massive sales potential.

Based on our keyword research on Book Bolt, we identified that “Hear your story” journals are a hit among shoppers.

As it turns out, nearly 40,000 Amazon users browse for this genre every month:

  • tell me your life story grandma – 38,534
  • dad, i want to hear your story – 38,511
  • mom, i want to hear your story – 38,461
  • mom i want to hear you story – 18,704
  • tell me your life story grandpa – 18,507
  • aunt i want to hear your story – 10,373

Next to each phrase, you can see its monthly search volume.

Analyzing this data, it quickly becomes clear that there is a substantial consumer demand for “Hear your story” books.

But this list sheds light on another key discovery – the most attractive sub-niches.

The top-performing “Hear your story” sub-niches

So far, we’ve identified that tens of thousands of Amazon buyers are actively searching for “Hear your story” journals.

This presents a golden opportunity for sellers looking to expand their portfolio or break into a fresh, dynamic market.

However, due to the intense competition in the space, we recommend focusing on specific niche segments to stand out. Rather than creating general “Hear your story” journal listings, we suggest targeting a particular audience and choosing a theme.

Our keyword findings above exhibit some of the best target audiences for this journal format:

  • Grandmas
  • Dads
  • Moms
  • Grandpas
  • Aunts

Overall, most shoppers browse for “Hear your story” journals for their relatives. This is completely natural, given the book’s core concept of collecting family memories.

A look into the bestsellers exposes other themes that dominate the broader niche.

Using Book Bolt, we identified the following top-used keywords among the most-sold listings:

  • Gift
  • Questions
  • Memories
  • Family
  • Guided
  • Prompts
  • Keepsake
  • Love
  • Personal
  • Journey

These words represent additional themes and sub-niches that you can use to position your listings in a narrower market.

They also provide useful ideas for creative cover designs and interiors. Incorporating them into your sales strategy will help you reach the right audience and attract more sales.

When creating your product and optimizing your listing, it’s essential to acknowledge the preferences of your audience.

For instance, say you’re planning to create a “Hear your story” journal for moms. Tailor your design to cater to females. Use flowers and gentle tones to appeal to this buyer group. In your listing titles and descriptions, include must-have keywords, like “gift”, “memories”, “questions”, and “family”, as the list above suggests.

This strategy will enable you to quickly boost your traffic and popularize your journal.

Analyzing the bestsellers

Now, let’s see how some of the bestsellers in the “Hear your story” domain are implementing all of the insights we exposed above.

The number one listing in the space is “Dad, I Want to Hear Your Story: A Father’s Guided Journal To Share His Life & His Love (Hear Your Story Books)”. It sells for $11.40 (slightly over the market average of $10.53), has a BSR of 408, and lands around 669 sales per month.

According to Amazon KDP’s Royalty Calculator, this product generates $4,54 in royalties per sale. Multiplying this number by the monthly sales volume (669), we can conclude that this seller earns around $3,037 from this item alone.

A closer look at the title reveals several crucial best practices.

First, the seller targets one of the most searched-for sub-niches – Dad Hear Your Story journals. Second, the title is further optimized for synonyms (father) for even more visibility. Third, essential keywords like “love” and “guided’ are also used.

All of these tactics position this product at the mountain peak, above all competitors.

The second best-performing listing from the niche is “Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story: A Mother’s Guided Journal To Share Her Life & Her Love (Hear Your Story Books)”. This journal is sold by the same author and is priced similarly at $11.40. It has a BSR of 510 and secures roughly 652 sales per month.

This listing’s royalties per sale are nearly identical to the previous example ($4.48), rewarding the seller with another $2,921 per month.

With this product, the author targets another dominating audience in the “Hear your story” journal space – moms. The rest of the title mimics the first example, featuring keywords like “guided”, “love”, and “mother”.

Our dissection of these two top performers proves that replicating proven techniques across listings will yield equally satisfying returns. It also leaves us with a few guaranteed best practices that all sellers penetrating the “Hear your story” book niche should follow.

Crafting the ultimate sales strategy

Undoubtedly, the “Hear your story” journal segment is worth exploring. The bestsellers we examined above reward the seller with around $6,000 in revenue every month.

To achieve similar results, we recommend following these best practices:

  • Create journals for a specific audience – based on keyword research, the best groups to choose are dads, moms, grandparents, and aunts. Don’t forget to use synonyms where possible (for example, “mom” and “mother”).
  • Optimize your listings titles for trending keywords – in the “Hear your story” niche, these include “guided”, “questions”, “gift”, “memory”, “family” and “prompts”.
  • Set a price that is close to the market average – if you’re a new market entrant, we suggest opting for a price slightly below the average. As you gain experience and popularity, you can gradually increase the price and enjoy higher royalties per sale.
  • Match your designs to your audience’s expectations – for women, focus on flowers and gentle tones. For men, keep the book covers clean, simple, and easy to read.


The “Hear your story” book niche on Amazon KDP can be extremely rewarding. To get the most out of it, it’s crucial to have a bullet-proof strategy.

Using Book Bolt’s features and capabilities, you can make informed decisions every step of the way. Rely on real-time insights to create a plan that will enable you to outperform all others.

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