Note: This is a guest post from our friend Kyle over at EZ Pub Profits. We asked him to share his knowledge and experience in a value packed article taking a deep dive into copyright, public domain, royalty free, and creative commons which is CRUCIAL for your KDP business. He delivered and there is something […]

As a low content publisher, you have probably envied the product pages of notebooks that weren’t published through KDP that you’ve stumbled upon during your research. The product pages of notebooks that aren’t published through KDP are usually more engaging to potential buyers since they have fancy listings with tons of images showcasing the interior/content […]


Having your books listed in the right categories on Amazon is very important to help you make the most sales possible. When you publish a book through KDP, you will notice that in the category selection section there are way fewer categories than what you will see while browsing through books on Amazon. This is […]

Kindle Direct Publishing has recently made a surge into a low/no content category and print on demand sellers are coming over and enjoying the work-flow, sales, and royalties that Amazon provides. The platform as a whole is still very unsaturated with many big niches open for the perfect low content book to rise to the […]

It is no surprise that while everyone is stuck at home during this time that book sales across the board when it comes to low content books are down. Many of the books that we end up creating and selling are planners, log books, journals… all for specific hobbies and professions. It is hard to […]