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Among the myriad of products available on Amazon KDP, one field that garners significant interest is astrology.

But just how big is the niche on the platform, and what does it mean for sellers looking to tap into this market?

In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of astrology on Amazon KDP, uncovering insights, trends, and strategies that can help sellers navigate this celestial landscape and maximize their success.

How does the astrology theme fit in with low- and no-content books?

The broad astrology theme offers a wealth of opportunities for creative and visually appealing products.

It’s rich in symbolic imagery, including zodiac signs, celestial bodies, and mystical symbols.

These elements lend themselves well to visually striking designs that can be featured on covers, pages, and other decorative elements of low- and no-content books.

The niche also allows for a high degree of personalization, as individuals often identify strongly with their zodiac signs and birth charts.

Sellers can create customized low- and no-content books tailored to specific zodiac signs or astrological themes, satisfying customers’ individual preferences and interests.

Not to mention that astrology enjoys widespread popularity across various demographics, making it a lucrative market. Book designs centered around this topic also make excellent gifts for enthusiasts and believers.

All of these characteristics create the assumption that Amazon KDP must be bustling with astrology products. It also suggests that this theme creates waves of interest among consumers.

Let’s find out if this is the case in reality.

Do Amazon shoppers browse for astrology low- and no-content books?

First, let’s understand more about the consumer behavior related to astrology-inspired items on Amazon KDP.

Using Book Bolt, we unveiled the top niche-related keywords in terms of search volume.

Here are our findings:

  • astrology planners – 9,593
  • astrology calendar – 9,588
  • astrology calendars – 9,563
  • leo astrology book – 9,447
  • astrology books – 8,653
  • astrology log – 7,900

Next to each phrase, you can see its search volume of the number of times it has been searched for on Amazon.

Right off the bat, we can see that planners dominate, with nearly 10,000 monthly searches for “astrology planners”.

In addition, it becomes apparent that calendars and log books are also trending categories.

But regardless of the chosen product type, one thing is clear – Amazon users actively browse for astrology-based low- and no-content books.

While this lays out a healthy foundation for a saturated market, there’s no guarantee that there are a lot of active listings in this domain.

Let’s find out.

How big is the astrology low- and no-content book market?

With the help of Book Bolt, we analyzed two core metrics that shape the size of a niche – listing saturation and average BSR.

Based on our findings, it appears that the market is not as developed as one might assume.

Despite the vast keyword volumes detected above, there are few bestsellers that rank for “astrology” across the different categories on Amazon KDP.

For example, the product segment with the highest number of top-performing astrology listings is notebooks. Even in this domain, only 17 products show up on Book Bolt, with an average BSR of 260,203.

Considering the vast range of available keywords related to this topic, we performed several additional searches for keywords like “zodiac”, “planet”, and “horoscope”.

From all of these examples, we discovered that planet coloring books are the most well-developed, with 63 listings ranking for “planet”.

However, a closer look into the product titles reveals that the majority of these low- and no-content book designs are not connected to astrology.

Are astrology no- and low-content books profitable?

So far, we unearthed that while astrology products like planners, calendars, and log books are searched for, there isn’t enough supply on Amazon.

This brings us to another key question – how profitable are the existing listings in this space?

The best way to find out is to look into some of the bestsellers in the market.

For example, “Astrological Composition Notebook: Lined Astrology Journal for School or Work | 100 Sheets (200 Pages)” stands out as the leader in this niche.

At the price of $1.17, the item has a BSR of 4,513 and lands 456 sales per month. Regardless of the impressive sales volumes, this book doesn’t generate any financial gains.


Because in order to secure royalties from Amazon, low- and no-content books must cost at least $3,83. In this case, the seller has positioned the product at $1.17, which is also the lowest price in the astrology space on Amazon KDP.

One potential explanation behind this sales strategy is that the author is using this book as a way to boost their popularity on the platform. Rather than relying on this item for profit, they could be diversifying their portfolio and experimenting with different niches.

Let’s look at another example.

“Pisces Journal: Zodiac 120-Page Lined Paper Journal” is another top-seller, which sells for a relatively higher price ($5.95).

This product’s BSR is 97,460, which translates into 232 monthly sales. Working out the maths, we can see that this author earns around $262 in revenue per month from this book.

Despite these results being dramatically more than those of the first example, they’re still not considered fruitful for most sellers.

Is entering the astrology low- and no-content book space worth it?

Looking at the listing saturation and profitability potential of the niche, we would advise focusing your efforts elsewhere.

However, the substantial search volumes we uncovered at the beginning of our research prove that there is a demand to be satisfied in the astrology low- and no-content books market.

How can you achieve better results than the bestsellers we examined?

By pricing adequately, targeting the right audience, and most importantly – selecting trending sub-niches.

When assessing the top performers in the space, we noticed the following keywords being used frequently:

  • Tarot
  • Life
  • Human
  • Zodiac
  • Birth sign
  • Wolf
  • Moon
  • Secrets
  • Energies
  • Ceremonial

These are all examples of sub-themes that you can use in your listing titles to attract more traffic and land more sales.

At the same time, a deeper investigation into the search patterns among shoppers shows the following popular keywords:

  • vedic astrology – 87,972
  • nakshatras vedic astrology – 38,216
  • esoteric astrology – 36,983
  • sexology astrology – 36,362
  • jyotish astrology – 35,555
  • vocational astrology – 17,930
  • horary astrology book – 17,878
  • leo astrology gifts – 17,645
  • ophiuchus astrology – 17,641
  • sextrology astrology – 17,592

While these phrases are not directly linked to low- and no-content books, they can be used as inspiration when creating your exteriors and interiors. They’re also valuable ideas for optimizing your listings for improved rankings.

Wrapping up

The existing market for astrology low- and no-content books is not saturated and well-developed enough to offer guaranteed results for sellers.

If you’re a beginner Amazon KDP author, we recommend focusing your efforts on other, more appealing niches.

At the same time, the vast consumer demand for astrology calendars, planners, and log books suggests that there is potential to be explored in this market. This makes the segment more appropriate for experienced sellers interested in diversifying their portfolios and connecting to a wider audience.

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