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If there’s anything better than a traditional, stylish notebook on Amazon KDP, it’s a black paper alternative.

With a sense of luxury and mystery, black paper notebooks are an attractive component of the low- and no-content book space.

But are they as popular and profitable as one may expect? And what are some of the sub-niches and themes where black paper notebooks fit best?

Let’s find out.

What makes black paper notebooks stand out from the rest?

Before we take a deep dive through the numbers, let’s take a moment to understand the essence of black paper notebooks.

What makes them special and why are some shoppers crazy about them?

The answer lies in the characteristics of this product type:

  • Visually appealing – Black paper creates a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Many consumers find black notebooks aesthetically pleasing and prefer them for their minimalist design.
  • Versatile – Black paper can be used with a variety of writing instruments, including gel pens, metallic markers, and white ink pens. This versatility allows users to express their creativity and personalize their notes or drawings.
  • Contrasting nature – Writing or drawing on black paper creates a striking contrast, making the content stand out more prominently. This can enhance readability and visual impact, especially when using lighter-colored inks.
  • Creativity – Some users find that black paper stimulates their creativity and encourages them to think outside the box. The unique background can inspire new ideas and artistic expressions.
  • Reduced distraction – Black paper is known to reduce eye strain and minimize distractions, particularly in well-lit environments. The dark background helps to focus attention on the content of the notebook rather than its surroundings.

Not to mention that in certain situations, like during meetings or in public spaces, black paper notebooks may offer a degree of privacy by making it more difficult for others to see what is written or drawn on the pages.

Naturally, these properties are attractive enough to make black paper notebooks an absolute hit on Amazon KDP.

But is this the case?

Here’s what our research shows.

How big is the black paper notebook on Amazon KDP?

To uncover the size and scale of the black paper notebook niche, we relied on the powerful features and capabilities of Book Bolt.

Using its cloud module, we examined the bestsellers that rank for “black paper” in the notebook category.

According to the tool, there are more than 500 top-performing listings that rank for this phrase. However, we noticed that the majority of displayed results contain listings that feature either the word “black” or “paper”.

Only six listings include both words used in a phrase.

What this suggests is that an extra layer of analytical thinking is required to establish the true size of this market.

We tried a different approach and searched for “black” in the Cloud module. In this case, we only received 119 results as opposed to beyond 500. Regardless, the listing titles exposed still rarely include “black paper”.

This data indicates that black paper notebooks are not a huge niche on Amazon KDP.

But are they profitable for the six sellers that we uncovered?

Let’s see what the data suggests.

Analyzing the top-performing black paper notebooks

By dissecting two of the chart-topping black paper notebooks on the platform, we made interesting discoveries.

As it turns out, this product type can generate substantial financial results, raising uncertainties as to why this niche is not dominating the scene.

For example, the number one listing in this domain is “Black Paper Notebook (Large Size): 8.5″ x 11″ | College Ruled | For Gel Pens”. It sells for $6.95 and has an extremely low BSR of 47,564, which translates into 279 sales per month.

This notebook consists of 124 pages, which is an important factor to consider when establishing its royalties per sale.

Using an Amazon KDP royalty calculator, we found that this seller is accumulating a monthly revenue of around $470 from this listing alone.

While this may not initially seem like a skyrocketing result, it’s a lot more than that of other niches.

A similar example is “BLACK NOTEBOOK: Moon Phase Galaxy Black Paper College Ruled 110 Pages Lined Astronomy Notebooks (8.5 x 11 in) | Designed to use with Gel Pens”, which sells for $4.99 and has a BSR of 113,360.

This product secures a slightly lower sales volume, with 222 sales per month. Working out the maths, it appears that the seller is landing around $145 from the item.

Note that the sales numbers of both these listings are considered high. However, their prices are on the lower end of the spectrum, negatively influencing the overall returns.

This strategy is partially a result of the prices of the market in general.

The market prices popular for black paper notebooks

As noted above, the results we received in Book Bolt for black paper notebooks can’t be trusted completely.

This is because only 6 of 500 listings contain the phrase “black paper”.

According to the tool, all of the 500 titles that include “black” or “paper” share an average BSR of 285,495. They also shape an average price of $6.93. At the same time, the highest and lowest rates are $20.99 and $2.33.

The bestsellers we explored above use a sales strategy that allows for competitive positioning. Both authors ask for a price that is slightly lower than the average. This makes the product appear affordable, yet prevents any misconceptions about poor quality and cheap products.

This explains the low financial rewards earned by the above-mentioned sellers.

Although there are no written rules that sellers must adopt this pricing approach, it proves beneficial in many niches. However, as the author gains popularity and experience, they can gradually start increasing the price towards the maximum in the market.

The themes that black paper notebooks are most suitable for

If you’re planning to tap into the potential of black paper notebooks and contribute to the evolution of this unsaturated market, you’ll need to follow best practices and proven strategies.

So far, we uncovered that pricing around the average is effective. But apart from that, it’s also crucial to create your notebooks around trending themes and sub-niches appropriate for black paper.

Due to its unique aesthetics and functional qualities, black paper is preferred for the following:

  • Astrology and astronomy notebooks – Black paper provides an excellent backdrop for sketches of stars, galaxies, and celestial bodies. It’s perfect for creating night sky scenes or jotting down observations during stargazing sessions.
  • Sci-Fi and fantasy notebooks – Fans of science fiction and fantasy genres can use black paper notebooks to brainstorm ideas, sketch maps of fictional worlds, or outline intricate plot details. The dark pages can inspire creativity for otherworldly settings and characters.
  • Horror and mystery – Black paper also evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue, making it ideal for jotting down plot twists, drafting chilling scenes, or outlining suspenseful narratives. Such notebooks are perfect for holidays like Halloween.
  • Occult studies and esoteric knowledge – Black paper notebooks suit the aesthetic of occult and esoteric studies, providing a fitting canvas for jotting down rituals, spells, tarot card interpretations, or other mystical practices.
  • Wedding planning – Believe it or not, dark paper can even make its way to the hearts of brides and grooms. Couples planning non-traditional or gothic-themed weddings can use black paper notebooks for organizing ideas, sketching wedding attire designs, or drafting unique ceremony scripts.

Keep in mind that these are just some examples of the themes that can make your black paper notebooks thrive on Amazon KDP.

There are plenty of other ideas to explore, and with the help of Book Bolt, you can easily discover them and make all the right choices.


Our research into the black paper notebook space on Amazon KDP suggests that this niche is not yet fully developed.

There are only a few listings of this kind, yet their sales potential is promising.

If you’re a seller who gets excited by taking risks and exploring new opportunities, this market is the perfect one for you. Don’t worry, with data-driven decisions and a consistent sales strategy, you, too, can turn your black paper notebooks into a success story.

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