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The beauty of creating and selling birthday-themed no- and low-content books lies in the limitless possibilities of Amazon KDP.

There is a broad variety of book products that cater to every age, gender, and life stage imaginable.

With so much potential to earn a hefty profit from your side gig, it’s time to consider this niche more seriously.

Below, we explore the high-performing no- and low-content books marketed and sold as birthday gifts.

Top performers in the birthday gifts niche

Using Book Bolt’s Products Search module, we discovered that the average Best Sellers Rank (BSR) for birthday-themed books in the general category is 2,410,815.

Although this number is higher than that of other segments, it still represents a lucrative and well-established market.

In addition, the leading seller stands at 304 sales per month, proving the potential of the niche.

Due to the vast variety in the no- and low-content space, we explored different sub-categories in detail. Our findings will help you determine where you should focus your energy.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the leaders in each sub-category and an overview of their winning strategies.


The number one author in the birthday-themed notebook category is Tabitha Leonard.

This seller lands 227 sales per month from her top-selling birthday notebook and guestbook. The product is marketed as a keepsake diary for guests to write a message to the new parents and baby.

What makes this notebook stand out is that it includes a gift log, which makes it a useful and special item to have.

The gold and pink cover with cursive writing is aptly suited for a one-year-old child. In addition, since it’s sold at $6.99, this listing is just $0.04 over the average price.

This effective combination of pricing, design, and title optimization has resulted in a low BSR of 105,346.


The leader in the journal category is the Magical Rainbow Journals seller, whose chart-topping offer lands 166 monthly sales.

The fairy birthday journal targets nine-year-old girls, offering pages with positive messages fit for the target audience.

This listing enables young girls to enjoy an artistic book interior and offers an opportunity to engage in drawing. The vibrant pink cover features a cute fairy and the words “I am 9 and magical”.

The merchant has skillfully priced the product at just two cents below the average of $7.26. Naturally, the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) reflects a substantial volume of sales, standing at 224,772.


The calendars sub-category is dominated by Paper Sky Press – a seller who achieves an impressive 242 sales per month for their date keeper perpetual calendar.

Although this is not a calendar in the traditional sense, it’s a unique way of recording birthdays, anniversaries, and special dates to remember.

Pricing just under the average of $8.76 at $5.99, this leading author has an impressive BSR of 84,750.

The cover design includes bright fairy lights on a black background, making them stand out as a beautiful birthday gift for adults.

Coloring Books

Passeniu Lorreniv Press is the seller who has achieved the highest performance in the coloring book space.

The author’s success story is shaped by a product designed for adults turning 40.

This item generates around 300 sales per month at $6.99. It falls just under the market average of $7.92, making it an affordable gift for shoppers.

What makes this book stand out is that it’s funny and quirky with the cover text stating “40 How the Fuck Did That Happen?”. Essentially, the bestseller here is aiming to offer stress relief and relaxation through this coloring book and the results are worth it. The low BSR of only 34,142 proves its potential.

Activity Books

In the activity books category, Belinda’s Books’ top listing is under the spotlight with monthly sales of 310.

The product is targeted at three-year-old birthday girls who can color and enjoy a variety of activities simultaneously.

This item is priced at $6.99 in a niche where the average price is $8.82. The 50-page book has a vibrant design with rich purple, pink, and yellow shades on a white background.

Its success is evident through the impressively low BSR of 61,580.

Puzzle Books

Wissal LK Amelia is the leading author in the puzzle book category with a listing generating 269 monthly sales.

The seller’s top-performing puzzle book sells for $7.99, while the average price in the segment is $8.43.

It stands out as it caters specifically to Christmas birthdays, targeting adults and offering a large print.

Noteworthy interior features include word searches themed around pets and animals. The listing has achieved remarkable success, evident in its impressive Best Seller Rank (BSR) of only 53,729.

Guest Books

Brilliant Guest Books is the most successful seller in this category, earning 152 monthly sales with their best product.

Boasting a BSR of 245,278, this elegant guest book features a sophisticated black and gold floral cover design.

Serving as a space for guests to share their messages and thoughts, it exudes luxury. The listing is priced at $10.95, slightly above the average of $8.51.

The main target audience is the elderly, more specifically – users celebrating their 80th birthday.

The seller has implemented a combination of techniques that shape an effective strategy, including attractive pricing, a narrow niche, and a grabbing design.

Sketch Books

The final category that performs exceptionally well in the birthday gift domain is sketch books.

Joann Jones’ listings stand out from the rest, with the number one book scoring 227 monthly sales.

The top performer is specifically targeted at 10-year-old boys and girls who enjoy doodling and sketching.

With a low BSR of 142,030 and a price of $7.95 (just over the average of $7.13), this seller is a great example of the scope for profitability in this category.

Opportunities for growth

So far, we’ve identified eight low- and no-content book categories that are popular for birthday gifts.

However, there are more book types that you can explore. Although the following categories are not well-developed in the birthday niche, they can be useful for product diversification.

Music Sheets

Currently, there are no birthday-inspired music sheets.

The leading seller ranking for “birthday” in this domain has positioned their listing in the music sheet category. However, the item doesn’t represent the typical features of a music sheet book.

Despite this, the average BSR of birthday music sheets is 399,799 according to Book Bolt. This means there is scope for growth, especially given the average price of $10.39, suggesting fruitful royalties per sale.


Planners are another category where creators interested in producing birthday-themed products can thrive.

While the average BSR in this niche is a comparatively high 1,127,952, with the right keywords in your title and the right cover design, you can take advantage of a segment that has an average price of $8.31.

Comic Books

With a BSR of 1,389,246, the primary seller of comic books with birthday gift listings caters to a young male audience.

The top-sold products in this space are designed to help users craft their superhero stories within personalized comic books.

Despite a relatively high BSR and only one monthly sale, this niche remains relatively untapped, suggesting potential for growth if effectively targeted and marketed.

Log Books and Trackers

When typing in the keywords “birthday gift” in Book Bolt under the log book and trackers categories, we can see some sales.

However, these are not relevant to the birthday-themed no- and low-content books that are promoted as gifts.

Still, with an average BSR of 31,615, this category can be further explored as a gainful opportunity. After all, the current top seller is generating more than 235 monthly sales for a product that’s not fully optimized for the niche.

Wrapping up

Venturing into no- and low-content books marketed as birthday gifts presents significant potential.

This potential is particularly evident in categories like notebooks, journals, calendars, coloring books and guest books, where substantial sales figures are a prevailing reality.

Even in seemingly saturated categories, success is achievable with the right strategy and the assistance of Book Bolt.

With a modest monthly subscription fee of only $9.99, it represents a smart investment in a side venture that has the potential to generate hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month.

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