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Children’s coloring books on Amazon KDP represent a market brimming with hues and possibilities.

In such a dynamic arena, finding the perfect niche is the golden key to unlocking not just the hearts of little artists, but also the doors to lucrative success.

The following sections will take you on a journey through one of the most profitable and exciting kids’ coloring book niches. The insights below will help you craft the ultimate sales strategy and take your Amazon side gig to the next level.

An overview of the broad kids’ coloring book segment

Coloring books are one of Amazon KDP’s most attractive low-content categories. With an exceptionally low average BSR of 25,966, these products promise high sales volumes.

At the same time, the coloring book domain is extremely competitive. Sellers are aggressively battling for consumers’ attention, making it difficult to outshine others as a new entrant.

To eliminate these barriers, it’s key to focus on a specific niche.

Naturally, kids’ coloring books are among the top-sold items in the space. Using Book Bolt, we identified that listings ranking for “kids’ coloring books” have an average BSR of 259,274. In contrast, products ranking for “children’s coloring books” share an average BSR of 263,864.

Although both these numbers are much higher than 25,966 (the average BSR of “coloring books” in general), they represent a significant sales potential.

The best part is that you can go deeper than that. Once you’ve determined that kids’ coloring books are a fruitful opportunity, it’s time to identify the most profitable niche in the market.

Let’s see what it is.

Exploring the most profitable niche to enter

Using Book Bolt’s features and capabilities, we pinpointed that animals dominate as the leading, most profitable kid’s coloring book niche.

The theme prevails in keyword count, meaning that the majority of top-performing listings rank for this word. In addition, the bestsellers for kids’ coloring books and children’s coloring books are both centered around animals.

Let’s dive deeper and investigate this segment in more detail.

Average BSR

When researching the top 100 listings in the coloring book space that rank for “kids” and “animal”, we uncovered that the average BSR is 40,556.

Let’s not forget that kids’ products are often marketed using the popular synonym “children”. According to Book Bolt, the average BSR of items ranking for “children” and “animal” under coloring books is very similar – 46,707.

These discoveries signal an outstanding opportunity for sales generation and prove the potential of this theme.

Keyword saturation

Keyword saturation is another essential metric to observe. It represents the number of times certain keywords appear in listing titles.

When examining the keyword saturation of the bestsellers, we can unveil the words that help generate more traffic and boost rankings.

In the kids’ animal coloring book market, the following words are under the spotlight:

  • Cute
  • Fun
  • Gift
  • Easy
  • Baby
  • Toddlers
  • Creative
  • Dog
  • Dogs

This list helps us understand the elements that help shape the animal segment in kids’ coloring books.

Right off the bat, it becomes clear that cute and fun designs are popular. We can also conclude that these items are often purchased as gifts.

Another discovery is that there are individual target audiences under kids’ coloring books. In the animal domain, babies and toddlers seem to take the lead.

Last but not least, this data shows that dogs stand out from other animals as the most frequently used for covers and designs.

All of this information can help you create an appealing product for a specific target audience.

Search volume

Next, we analyzed whether consumers show an active interest towards kids’ animal coloring books.

To do this, we used Book Bolt’s Keyword Search module. We typed in “kids coloring books” and “children coloring books” and extracted the top-searched phrases.

Here are our findings:

  • coloring book kids – 36,373
  • coloring book kids christmas – 10,404
  • zendoodle coloring book kids – 10,386
  • pug coloring book for kids – 6,416
  • cats coloring book kids – 6,321
  • cars coloring book kids – 6,217
  • whales coloring book for kids – 4,454
  • snakes coloring book for kids – 4,445
  • rat coloring book kids – 4,292
  • dog coloring book kids – 4,225

Instantly, it becomes clear that animals dominate buyer searches. Of ten popularly browsed for keywords, six are related to animals (pugs, cats, whales, snakes, rats, and dogs).

Best of all, some of these phrases generate more than 6,000 monthly searches. This is a substantial niche demand that you can satisfy as a seller.

These insights can also point you to other sub-niches that are likely to perform well. For example, creating a children’s coloring book centered around pugs, cats, or whales promises better sales volumes than products focused on dogs due to the higher search volumes.

Prices and royalties

So far, we’ve identified that animals represent the most profitable niche in the kids’ coloring book category.

But what financial gains are sellers achieving in this segment?

The best way to find out is to look at the minimum, maximum, and average prices in the market.

Here are the numbers you should be aware of for both children’s and kids’ coloring books:

Children’s animal coloring books

  • Lowest Price – $4.73
  • Highest Price – $14.95
  • Average Price – $7.70

Kids’ animal coloring books

  • Lowest Price – $3.59
  • Highest Price – $12.99
  • Average Price – $7.46

While both “children” and “kids” refer to the same segment, there is a slight difference in prices.

This data reveals that listings optimized for “children’s animal coloring books” are priced higher than those optimized for “kids’ animal coloring books”.

Let’s turn these prices into royalties.

Using Amazon KDP’s royalties calculator, we found that pricing a 100-page children’s animal coloring book at the market average ($7.70) will yield $2.32 per sale.

On the other hand, if you gain more experience and increase your price towards the highest price ($14.96) you can earn up to $6.67 per sale.

To get an idea of how many sales you can expect to land, it’s necessary to observe the bestsellers.

A sneak peek into the bestselling kids’ animal coloring books

The number one listing that ranks for “kids’ animal coloring books” is “The Creative Toddler’s First Coloring Book Ages 1-3: 100 Everyday Things and Animals to Color and Learn | For Toddlers and Kids ages 1, 2 & 3 (US Edition)”.

At a price of $5.99, this listing has a BSR of 148 and scores 800 sales per month. The seller earns royalties of $1.29 per sale, meaning that on a monthly basis their revenue is $1,032. This is a lucrative financial gain from a single listing.

Dissecting the listing title, a few popular and top-searched-for keywords appear, including “toddler”, “creative”, and “animals”. This optimization strategy helps the seller reach their target audience and increase traffic.

On the other hand, the product that performs best for “children’s animal coloring book” is “Happy Animals Coloring Book for Toddlers: 100 Funny Animals. Easy Coloring Pages For Preschool and Kindergarten. (Big Coloring Book, Kids Ages 1-4)”.

This item sells at $5.95 and has a BSR of 3,223, translating into 485 monthly sales. With per-sale royalties of $1.27, this author makes $615.95 from this coloring book.

What’s interesting about these two sellers is that they both price under the average in the market. This enables them to gain a competitive edge and appear affordable without compromising quality.

In addition, both authors utilize essential keywords, like “toddlers” and “animals”. They also define the specific target audience by describing the appropriate ages for the product.

Combined with an eye-grabbing cover, these books are geared for success.

Wrapping up

If you’re planning to tap into the kids’ coloring book space, we recommend focusing on the animal niche. This particular market presents tremendous opportunities and allows for quick growth and popularization.

To stand out from the crowd and unlock fruitful returns, don’t forget to niche down even further and learn from the bestsellers in the market.

Use Book Bolt’s insights to craft a winning sales strategy and watch your side gig reach new heights.

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