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Have you ever been fascinated by the captivating calendars adorning your walls, reflecting an artist’s heart or a photographer’s eye?

What if these images could be your own little cash cow? This curious question led us on an expedition into Amazon KDP’s calendar niche.

Do the most loved calendar themes on Amazon KDP also happen to be the most financially lucrative? Or is there a surprising twist awaiting us?

We embark on a journey to find out.

The calendar category on Amazon KDP

Calendars may not be considered the trendiest low-content books, especially when compared to notebooks and journals. Nevertheless, they provide sellers with significant potential for product diversification and niche targeting.

A quick analysis of Book Bolt revealed over 200 top-performing calendar listings, with an average Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of 276,998. While the bestsellers in categories like notebooks have an average BSR of 30,685, calendars still present a money-making opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Why? Because it turns out that users are actively searching for specific calendar themes.

Popular calendar-related searches

Using Book Bolt’s Keyword tool, we identified some of the most popular searches in this niche:

  • hijri calendar  – 32 912 – low
  • owl calendar 2022 wall calendar – 18 850 – no data
  • mayan calendar – 15 263 – medium
  • mom calendar – 13 843 – high
  • calendar for preschoolers – 11 559 – high
  • dogmas calendar  – 8 799 – no data
  • moon calendar  – 7 766 – low
  • motivational calendar – 6 142 – high
  • alien calendar – 5 139 – high

Right off the bat, it becomes clear that one of the top products shoppers are looking for on Amazon is the Hijri calendar or Muslim calendar, with over 30,000 monthly searches. Naturally, this sub-niche deserves attention from sellers.

Similarly, themes like owl, Mayan, mom, and preschoolers generate over 10,000 searches every month.

Interestingly, none of these genres were identified as the most profitable. One possible reason could be the lack of high-quality listings in these specific markets.

This theory is supported by the competition analysis of the extracted keywords above. Most of these phrases have either low competition or “no data,” which usually indicates zero listings to analyze.

This piece of data is incredibly valuable for sellers. By targeting the Hijri, owl and Mayan calendar sub-niches, you can quickly gain popularity and establish your name in the calendar category.

The top-performing themes among bestsellers

But what about profitability and successful listings in the calendar segment?

Based on our research, we have identified the following calendar themes as the most frequently sold on Amazon KDP:

  • Pocket calendars
  • Purse calendars
  • Holiday calendars
  • Floral calendars
  • Inspirational

However, to make informed decisions and shape your strategy, you’ll need more than just this information.

Let’s dive into the details.

Pocket calendars

Pocket calendars stand out with the richest diversity, boasting 64 chart-topping listings. They also come with the highest price tags, reaching up to $12.24.

However, there are additional factors to consider. For example, the average BSR of the most profitable pocket calendars is 301,488, slightly higher than that of other themes. This could be due to the larger number of listings that influence the BSR.

Additionally, the average price among these listings is $6.10, which is lower than other segments explored in this article.

To gain a realistic idea of what you can achieve, it’s essential to examine the number one listing in this space and study the best practices.

The “2023-2024 Pocket Planner: Small 2 Year Monthly Calendar for Purse with Holidays, Watercolor Flower” product is the most sold item in the calendar category.

An interesting observation is that it’s promoted as both a planner and a calendar. This positioning gives it a higher chance of visibility by targeting two categories. The listing title also features keywords from other themes on this list, such as “purse,” “holiday,” “flower,” and “watercolor.”

This is an excellent example of a bulletproof seller strategy for achieving higher rankings and maximizing sales potential. The author has intelligently taken advantage of popular themes to market the item to a broader target audience.

Furthermore, the listing sells for $4.99, which is lower than the market average ($6.10). This competitive pricing gives it an edge and makes it more affordable than other alternatives.

As a result, the seller enjoys a BSR of 23,128 for this listing alone, translating into nearly 350 sales per month and attractive earnings from royalties.

Purse calendars

Another lucrative theme we identified is purse calendars. After detailed analysis, we found a clever overlap between “pocket calendars” and “purse calendars.”

Although the majority of pocket listings include “purse” keywords in titles and descriptions, we noticed some distinct insights. Therefore, we treated this theme as an independent category.

Purse calendars on Amazon KDP are fewer in number compared to pocket calendars, with only 47 listings. Their highest price is also significantly lower ($6.99), while the average price is $5.75. The average BSR in this market is higher than that of pocket calendars (325,940), indicating lower sales potential.

However, the keyword “purse” appears frequently among the bestsellers.

Overall, the sales volume and popularity of both pocket and purse calendars indicate high buyer interest in small-sized calendars. This discovery can be creatively used by sellers to outperform the competition.

For instance, creating a pocket-size calendar with one of the most searched-for themes (such as owl or Mayan calendars) could prove to be a winning strategy.

Holiday calendars

Holiday calendars also rank among the most attractive niches in the category. Unlike other products, the book cover pages in this segment are designed month by month, featuring important dates and official holidays. This market consists of nearly 50 outperforming listings with an average BSR of 325,940.

The highest price here is $6.99 (similar to the average price of purse calendars), while the average price is slightly lower at $5.75.

This may lead you to believe that the niche is relatively unremarkable in terms of profitability. However, a quick look at the number one listing proves this assumption wrong.

The “2023-2024 Monthly Planner: Two Year Monthly Planner (January 2023 to December 2024), Monthly Calendar and Organizer with Federal Holidays & Inspirational Quotes (Cute Flowers Cover)” item has a BSR of 103,603, generating around 227 sales per month. Priced at $5.99, this product yields satisfactory royalties for the seller.

In terms of rankings, it targets popular keywords such as “monthly calendar,” “holidays,” “inspirational,” and “flowers.” Like the previous examples, it is positioned in both the calendar and planner categories.

Floral calendars

Floral themes have proven to be universally attractive across various low- and no-content book niches on Amazon KDP, and calendars are no exception.

There are approximately 30 best-selling listings in this sub-niche, with an average BSR of 296,603. The highest price is $10.99, while the average price is $7.32.

A top-performing listing that we’ve identified, “2024-2028 5 Year Monthly Planner: Five Year Monthly Calendar, Schedule Organizer (60 Months, jan 2024 to Dec 2028) – Floral cover” has achieved a BSR of 28,280, one of the lowest scores on our list. The product sells for $7.99, slightly lower than the average price in the market. With approximately 317 monthly sales, this specific calendar presents a thriving opportunity for the seller.

Inspirational calendars

Surprisingly, inspirational calendars have the lowest number of listings among the bestsellers, yet they also stand out with the lowest average BSR (228,779).

As mentioned earlier, this may be influenced by the limited number of listings considered in the analysis. In other words, there aren’t many insights that could skew the final BSR.

The highest price among successful listings is $9.45, while the average is $7.40. From a financial perspective, this indicates that top performers in this space can earn higher royalties compared to other themes.

Most products in this niche offer inspirational quotes and target women. Interestingly, this sub-niche presents opportunities for merging different themes. Some listings combine floral elements with inspirational quotes, creating an entirely new market that can be exploited.

Ultimately, this approach generates interest among consumers and provides a competitive advantage.

Putting theory into practice

Now that we’ve laid out the numbers, it’s essential to make some important conclusions.

First, we detected that the most popular calendar themes from a search-volume perspective differ from the most frequently sold sub-niches. This discrepancy could be due to unexplored segments, such as the ones with the highest search volumes mentioned in the article.

A winning strategy would be to actively exploit these demands and fill the existing gaps in the calendar category.

Second, we noticed that a lot of successful sellers merge different niches to arrive at creative themes. For instance, a lot of calendars are also promoted as planners. Meanwhile, a single listing’s title or description often consists of keyword phrases from diverse themes (like floral, holidays, and inspirational).

Finally, some of the themes that appear less popular can, in fact, prove to be very profitable. We reached this conclusion by comparing listing volume against average BSRs and individual listing performance.


By incorporating all of this information into your sales strategy, you can make informed decisions and achieve better results.

When entering a new category like calendars, it’s essential to leverage the capabilities and features of tools like Book Bolt. With powerful data at your disposal, you can optimize your performance and maximize your success in the calendar niche.

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