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Book Bolt is the #1 toolkit that you can have at your disposal for your publishing business! We should know, we created it.

If you landed on this page, chances are you have heard of Book Bolt are and looking to either sell low or no content books on Amazon but may not really know exactly where to start, what Book Bolt offers, and how you can get the most of this innovative software suite.

If that’s you, and you are looking for a Book Bolt coupon code that will help you save 20% on EVERY plan, then read on! This Book Bolt coupon promo code is directly from the source (that’s us) and is the official 20% off code that is guaranteed to work on every single plan that we currently offer.

You can copy this code to use at checkout here: official20off

How To Use The Book Bolt Coupon Discount Code

In order to use your coupon discount code, you want to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Click on the button above along with the coupon code: official20off.

This button will take you to the Book Bolt home page, where you can then click on pricing, and select yourself a plan!

Step 2: Once you have the code copied, start going through the checkout process. You will first need to complete the first page with your name and details.

Step 3: On the second page of checkout, you will be able to use the code to save 20% off on any plan and enjoy your savings.

Why We Built Book Bolt

If you are wondering why we built the Book Bolt software, and continue to innovate and add features as they are needed, it’s because just like you, we were starting off on our Amazon KDP journey.

There is really just a few pieces of the puzzle when it comes to being successful on Amazon KDP which are:

  • Great research
  • Great covers/interiors for your book
  • The right keywords

If you pair all 3 of those together, you will have a successful product on Amazon.

…the only issue?

When you are starting off, and looking for what sells, what WILL sell, and learning how to get those products in front of the right audience, it can be a daunting experience.

We wanted to create a software that would assist you in every single step of the process.

After all, we are sellers ourselves!

The Book Bolt software suite has been around the block at this point, and we have successfully helped over 100,000+ Amazon sellers on their KDP journey. Pretty crazy right? The reason that so many people trust Book Bolt for their KDP needs is that we help with every step! From finding niches that actually sell, to uncovering high potential, yet low competition niches, and then assisting in creating those products for KDP, we have perfected the process.

Even after you finish up your book, found a great niche, and are going to list it, Book Bolt is still helping along the way.

With the Book Bolt keyword tool, you now know exactly WHAT keywords customers on Amazon are searching for, and through following our internal training and weekly calls, you will know how to weave these into your Book so they get found by thousands of customers.

Book Bolt Studio Introduction

Book Bolt has released the most advanced publishing design software that the internet has seen specifically tailored towards you, the publisher!

The best part, there is NO DESIGN EXPERIENCE needed!

You see, most people see their interior and cover creation part of the publishing process really scary…

It doesn’t need to be!

In fact, this is one of the easiest parts of the business when you have access to the Book Bolt Studio.

Through our drag and drop intuitive interface, you can create both the cover and the interior for any type of project you may be looking to create, including higher margin books such as puzzle/coloring/activity books!

Pretty sweet right?

Just look at how downright easy it is to create Puzzle Books with the Studio (you will want to use your Book Bolt coupon above to grab a pro plan for access to puzzle interiors)

Key Features Of Book Bolt KDP Research

When you are brand new to KDP, or even if you have been around the block for a few months or even years, you want to get your books published and quickly.

That means, you need to figure out WHAT buyers on Amazon are actually searching for, WHAT they are actually buying, and if you should focus on low content or no content books.

With Amazon, there are millions and millions of books available, so how can you possible find a niche that is not saturated?

With the Book Bolt software of course! Here are some of the features that we are most proud of and continue to expand on each and every month.

Largest KDP Book Database

Amazon has tens of millions of book titles in their catalog, so digging through them can be hard, frustrating and annoying. Here are Book Bolt, we process all of this information for you, through the cloud module so you can see what is selling, how many copies they are selling, reviews at a glance, and everything in between.

We have each of these broken down by category, so no matter what you are searching for, you will know if it is popular, and if you should go into the niche.

Evergreen Niches

If you want to build a sustainable business, you need to be listing and finding products that will sell all year long for you, and not just once and never again.

Book Bolt has you covered there as well:

Each book found in the cloud will have sales history, sales graphs, and pricing charts to be able to see if this is something you want to pursue.

Listing Optimization

Once you have found a few target niches, you need to figure out what keywords to use. We have spent a lot of time building up the most advanced keyword tools in the publishing space specifically for Amazon sellers.

Through just researching different niches, we have keywords from all over Amazon, how their monthly search volume, and the prevalence of how many times they were used.

If those are not really doing it for you, we have built out a tool JUST for keyword research.

This tool will show you keywords, search volume on Amazon, search volume on Google, as well as competition:

You now have all the research you would ever need to find products that are selling, find the keywords to use, and now you just have to put together your listing with the cover and interior you created through the studio.

But Book Bolt doesn’t stop there!

Book Bolt Lister

Book Bolt ALSO helps you publish these products 10X faster than any of your competition.


By getting access to the Book Bolt lister, which is a way to hotkey your titles, sub titles, and keywords to a single button on your keyword.

Check it out:

Book Bolt Coupon Codes On Pricing

We have 2 main pricing points for the Book Bolt software. We have a monthly option, and a monthly PRO.

If you want to create high margin books such as activity/puzzle books, then you will want to select the pro option. Otherwise, the normal monthly option is available as well.

Note: If you want to save the MOST money with the Book Bolt promo code, make sure to select a yearly plan instead, as this will take 20% off the price:

If you use the official coupon: official20off at checkout, your monthly prices go from:

  • Monthly: $9.99 –> $7.99
  • Monthly Pro: $19.99 –> $$15.99

If you use the official coupon: official20off at checkout, your yearly prices go from:

  • Yearly: $89.99 –> $71.99
  • Yearly Pro: $199.99 –> $159.99

Book Bolt Coupons FAQs

🔥How much can I save with a Book Bolt Coupon Code or Promo Code?

With the Book Bolt discount code above (or use official20off), you will get a discount that will save you 20% off at the time of checkout.

🔥How often does Book Bolt update their discount codes?

Book Bolt (that’s us!), will keep this discount coupon code the same so you can continue to share it with friends and family. Book Bolt does not update these codes on a regular basis, which is why you will see other sites with invalid codes.

🔥What is the best valid Book Bolt discount that you can use?

We have shared the best coupon code to use which is: official20off so you know it’s coming from the official source!

🔥Can I use more than one Book Bolt promo codes while checking out?

Book Bolt will only allow you to use a single coupon or promo code when you are checking out. This is so that it is fair for everyone but also allows you to get the best savings.

🔥Can I test Book Bolt before purchasing it?

You absolutely can! You want to use the coupon discount code at the time of checkout, but EVERY Book Bolt account starts with a 3 day trial. After your trial is complete, as long as you used the code it will then go into effect.

🔥Are there any higher discount codes for Book Bolt?

There are not any higher discounts than 20% off. If you run into a website saying that there is a higher savings, they are just trying to get you to click on their links. This is the main reason we created this page so that potential customers know that we have an official coupon, and it will always work!

Wrapping It Up: The Only Official Book Bolt Coupon Code Is Here

When you use any of these Book Bolt coupons above, you can know its coming from the OFFICIAL source, because you are on a page. This means that it is guaranteed to work each and every time! You can share them with friends, share them with family, or you can use them for yourself.

At the end of the day, you will not find a better software to assist you in your publishing journey on Amazon KDP. You can use the Book Bolt discount to save some money, while at the same time unlocking the powerful software that will help you create, research, and list your products for sale on Amazon to build your business the right way…with cold hard data!

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