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Promotion for your work is never easy, though it does not need to be painful either. Not to you, and not to your wallet!

Let’s say you’ve posted the perfect low-content notebook or a planner with the best art you’ve come up with to date. And now it’s weeks later and you’re just sitting there on Amazon letting them age with no sales. Or maybe you had a sale, but nothing has happened in two months. What could possibly be wrong?

It’s time you rescued this work from obscurity! But what are your options? Here are a few free (absolutely free) ways to promote your low or no-content books.


We will start with Quora. Quora is a prominent question-and-answer website that ranks extremely high in Google search results. Your first step is to sign up for a Quora account and build a profile page (known as “Quora Spaces”.) You publish posts and chat about your topic in your space, and you can ask and answer questions from others, and that is where the site can really help you. You can look up questions in your specialty and respond to them with all and share your knowledge.

If people like your answers and want to learn more about the subject, which they already do because they came to Quora looking for answers, they will click on the link of your username and be brought to your profile page. Here, they will also discover a link to your site or author page, and you have just brought a new person to what you do and what you sell.

Yup, Amazon Itself

Another option you might want to look at is the platform you’re already on, namely Amazon itself. Even if you are not doing the sales you wanted, this is still a great option. Your book may be sitting alone on Amazon, but with just one sale it will begin to emerge from its grave. Just make the single sale yourself, and give that copy to someone you know.

Amazon becomes a better friend to you with each new sale and thinks it wants to start introducing you to others. Amazon’s algorithm knows that because people are buying your book, it must be profitable for them; therefore they place it back in the world of actual people looking at actual things.

Your BSR (Best Seller Rank) falls (which is a good thing), and the lower it falls, the more exposure your book receives, and you’re on your way. Amazon knows how to make money for itself. The company realizes that if they show a plethora of things that people don’t want, they would lose their multibillion-dollar empire, so they expand exposure to just products that have proven themselves by being purchased frequently. This is how you may market your low-content book on Amazon.


And speaking of huge corporate machines, there is always the biggest free platform for social media, the one and only Facebook.

We know you went into this business because it appeared like a simple set-and-forget side venture. And it is to a certain point if you do your keyword and niche research correctly. Unfortunately, that requires some expertise and practice, so if you’re just starting out then putting in a little effort up front will pay off in the long run.

You might think that Facebook is not for all ages, and many younger people prefer to spend their time on TikTok, but looking at user figures Facebook is still the king right now. It can really be a fantastic location to boost your sales, as it allows for special interest groups. Let’s say you have a design featuring classic trains on the cover.

Do a search on Facebook for groups that celebrate such things. You can advertise to them, it’s like Facebook has created your own mailing list. And if you can locate numerous groups on Facebook with a high number of members, you’ll know there are people who would benefit from your book. A ready and willing audience and it’s cost you nothing initially.

If there is a lot of interest in your book’s specialty, it means potential purchasers are on Facebook in large enough numbers that it’s worth your time and money to focus on them for a while. This phase in the process is free, but if you can pay for some advertisements that’s even better, because you won’t have to work as hard to get seen. It’s an option, it’s not where we think you should start, but with a bit of ad investment you might see even higher results.

You might even want to set up your own “interest” page for each type of thing you cater to, each niche that you have already invested time and designed products for. Setting up a Facebook page for each niche you do is part of the free option. You could start a Facebook page dedicated to just about anything you sell. An even better approach would be to organize everything ahead of time, first making your Facebook page and then writing low-content books based on whatever your Facebook page is about. You could then organically create your page and post and promote images and descriptions of your books with links to their Amazon listing pages. If you do this long enough, you’ll definitely get some sales, which will help lower your book’s BSR, and Amazon will gladly resuscitate your book from the dead and possibly take over the promotion at this point. And like we said, if you can afford to run a few ads, you can target people based on their interests and have your ad appear just to those who would be interested.


Along similar lines, there remains the young person’s growing choice of TikTok. This platform is the social media site garnering the most new attention globally at the moment. Despite the unfounded claims by some that TikTok’s format is detrimental to the youth of today, TikTok allows you to obtain a lot of views quickly. In fact, there are a few people on TikTok who are making short promotional films for their low-content books and these videos are often popular.

TikTok users are passionate entertainment buyers, thus the more entertaining your videos can be, the better. The issue with TikTok is that you can only put links on your Bio page. So, if you were to plan a TikTok strategy, it would make sense to link to a webpage like an Author Page on Amazon where people can read all of your books at once, or at the very least give a landing page with photos of your books that link to their sales sites.

If you go this route, unlike Facebook, you should probably stick to a specific niche. You’d attract more TikTok followers if you stuck to a subject. But you want followers who are into what you’re selling; attempting to persuade a lot of uninterested people to buy random journals unless they’re targeted in some way might waste a lot of your time.

As you can see, there are a few ways you can get your products seen that will not cost you a dime. And if you expand what you sell on KDP, you may utilize the platforms mentioned above to promote any book or anything else. If anyone reading this has tried to sell their higher-content books, you may utilize the tactics we discussed to promote them as well just as easily.

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