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When looking at the top 10 calendar sellers on Book Bolt’s Cloud tool, we calculated that there were almost 3,400 sales between them. This is quite a big accomplishment. And when we consider the fact that practically everyone needs a calendar to help them plan out their daily lives, it becomes evident that the calendar niche is popular albeit a potentially seasonal one.

The reason for this is that most calendar sales tend to peak towards the end of a year and at the beginning of one. Тhat’s not to say that people don’t buy calendars in between, over a five-year time span, or for purposes such as keeping track of various things.

So, if you’re interested in selling in the calendar category on Amazon KDP, here’s what you need to know.

How big is the market for the calendar niche?

As is customary, we used Book Bolt’s Cloud module to determine the market size of the category.

We established that by not entering any keywords in the Cloud module, and only selecting the “calendar” option. This brought back the top 100 sellers, their lowest, highest, and average prices, and the average best-seller’s rank (BSR) for the category.

In fact, the BSR for calendars is an astoundingly low 105,768, signaling great interest.

Next, we delved even deeper to bring you all the insights you need to get started. Here’s a breakdown of everything of note.

Keywords, search volume and BSR

We headed over to the Products module on Book Bolt to see which keywords were mostly used in this category and niche, alongside their corresponding search volume and BSR. This is what we found:

  • “Calendars”: search volume – 2,581,159; BSR – 809,591
  • “Calendars for”: search volume – 83,631; BSR – 4,543,931
  • “Calendar”: search volume – 58,598; BSR – 4,543,931
  • “Monthly calendar”: search volume – 16,711; BSR – 2,261,201
  • “Month calendar”: search volume – 15,536; BSR – 804,336
  • “Mom calendar”: search volume – 13,843; BSR – 34,990
  • “Chalkboard calendar”: search volume – 9, 564 BSR – 4,556,843
  • “Desk calendars”: search volume – 8,237; BSR – 67,997
  • “Motivational calendar”: search volume – 6,142; BSR – 2,895,148
  • “Cute calendar”: search volume – 4,739; BSR – 487,673
  • “Accountability calendar”: search volume – 3,150; BSR – 3,915,404
  • “Hippie calendar”: search volume – 2,633; BSR – 4,316,361
  • “Milestone calendar”: search volume – 1,614; BSR – 4,417,900
  • “Cleaning calendar”: search volume – 1,557; BSR – 4,121,715

What becomes evident from these primary keywords, their search volume, and associated BSR is that monthly calendars are a big trend and are high-search volume items. This, in addition to the popular niche of calendars for moms and desk calendars. Therefore, it’s worth investigating these further if you’re looking to enter this niche.

Keyword saturation

As for keyword saturation, or how many times certain keywords appear in the title of listings on Amazon KDP, Book Bolt’s Products module helped us here as well. Below is a list of the various keywords included in titles. Next to them is the number of times they appeared in listings.

  • “Calendar” (284)
  • “Monthly” (46)
  • “Planner” (32)
  • “Inspirational” (26)
  • “Mini” (20)
  • “Calendars” (18)
  • “December” (17)
  • “Month” (14)
  • “12month” (13)
  • “Quotes” (13)
  • “Months” (10)

From the above, it becomes clear that including the keyword “calendar” and the associated keyword “month” or “monthly” in the title is a good practice to follow. Not only are some of the best-sellers doing so, it’s proving to cater to higher search volume keywords.

Listings saturation

Of course, we also headed over to to check out the listings saturation and see what type of products are currently available on the marketplace. Entering the seed keyword “calendar”, we found over 100,000 listings.

Other relevant keywords included:

  • “Calendar 2023”: 50,000 listings
  • “Calendar 2023 paperback”: 50,000 listings
  • “Calendar 2023-2024”: 50,000 listings
  • “Monthly calendar”: 50,000 listings

If you’re thinking that just these listing numbers alone are enough to sway you out of the niche, think again. Because pricing plays a huge role. And we’ll also take a look at profitability a bit further down. So, stick around. There’s more to it than meets the eye.


Before we wrap up our discussion on market size, we must talk about price. For the “calendar” search query, Book Bolt tells us that the lowest price is $3.79, the highest price is $18.00, and the average price is $10.30.

What are some of the best-selling merchants doing right?

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that we looked at the top 10 best-sellers in the top 100. However, we also narrowed these top 10 even further and extracted information about the two best-sellers in the calendar category.

The best-seller who comes in second place for the “calendar” search query is Moraabi Creative. Their item is titled “2023 Monthly Pocket Planner: 1 Year Calendar with Holidays for Women, Floral Pattern Cover”. Ever since this seller entered the market in October 2022, they’ve made around 346 sales and have an exceptionally low BSR of 18,787. They’ve priced their product quite lower than the average at $4.99. In fact, it’s closer to the lowest price in this niche as opposed to the average. But they’ve done a few things right. We’ll get to that in a moment.

However, the overall best-seller in this category is Lara Lankin. This seller has produced the “2023-2024 Monthly Planner: Two Year Schedule Organizer | 24 Months Jan to Dec Agenda With Holidays | Sunflower Cover”. Having generated 120 ratings since July last year, they’ve made 399 sales at a price of $6.99. What’s more is that their BSR is a lovely low of 9,678.

So, what have they done right to achieve this best-seller status? Let’s take a look.

Keyword usage

Both calendars are targeted at women. That’s apparent from the cover design, which is floral in both cases. However, they’ve indicated their cover type in their titles and they’ve also indicated what sort of calendar the customer would be getting.

For example, the top best-seller we’ve selected has used keywords such as “monthly planner”, “two year schedule organizer”, “24 months”, “Jan to Dec”, “agenda with holidays”, etc. Each of these keywords is strategically placed in the title to fully describe what is on offer. The same goes for the other best-seller we’ve identified.


Although none of the two best-sellers has priced around the average, opting instead to go near the lower end, we do see success in this approach as well. That’s why it’s important to gauge the market – with Book Bolt, of course – and see what’s working well for others so that you know what will work well for you, too.

Cover design

We already mentioned that both these best-sellers cater to women. This is evident in the fact that both use floral covers. One is a yellow sunflower with a beautiful design that’s hierarchically neat. The other is a pink flower pattern that’s evenly repeated throughout the cover. The titles are also neatly presented and centered. And the words and numbers are large enough to read but not overwhelming.

What is the profitability within this niche?

We promised we’d look at the profitability within this niche by exploring what the two best-sellers identified above have achieved for themselves. Using Amazon’s KDP royalties calculator, we get the following.

For Moraabi Creative with 346 sales at $4.99, we get a royalty of $0.84. This in turn gives us profitability of $290.64 when multiplying the royalty amount by the number of sales.

We carried out the same calculations for Lara Lankin. We get a royalty of $2.00 per sale and multiplying this by 399 sales, the profitability is $798.00.

So, is this niche worth it? If you price right and follow our recommendations below, it certainly is.

Our recommendations

And now, our list of recommendations for entering this niche.

Keyword usage

It’s vital to go for high-volume search queries and low competition keywords if you want to make it in this noisy marketplace. Book Bolt can help with just that through its various nifty modules. You’re essentially saving hours of labor and sweating the math by looking at which keywords will do the trick both in your title and description. Remember that keywords such as “calendar”, “monthly”, and the inclusion of month names is a good strategy to follow.


With pricing, we already mentioned that pricing above the average is a good bet. However, if you want to be even more competitive and capture a greater market, you can do what both best-sellers did in this category and price below the average.

Bear in mind that this means your royalties will be lower and that your calendar will need to work twice as hard for you to reach good levels of profitability.

Cover design

Finally, we reach the cover design. Whether you use something exceptional and unique or a repeating pattern – be sure to follow design principles and hierarchy to get the most beautiful cover out of your efforts. Covers should not be cluttered. If you choose to cater to a female audience and seek to use flowers, be sure they are arranged well and that the color scheme is harmonious.

In conclusion

And that, folks, is a wrap. We already mentioned how many times we referred to Book Bolt and its awesome functionalities to bring this research to you. But this is something you can do easily by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

All it takes is an incredibly low investment of only $9.99 per month and you’ve literally have your research set out in front of you, ready for your design. But Book Bolt helps with designing and uploading your books on Amazon KDP, too.

Overall, it’s possibly the most comprehensive platform on the market and something you’ll never look back on.

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