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Halloween is one of the most awaited and exciting holidays in the US. Like most other special days, it opens up a number of money-making opportunities for Amazon KDP sellers of no- and low-content books.

To help you capitalize on the Halloween niche this year, we’ve prepared some hot and spicy insights from Book Bolt. They’ll reveal a lot about the most profitable product category to sell in, sub-niches to explore, audience characteristics, and more.

Keep reading to get the full picture.

Popular no- and low-content book categories in the Halloween niche

Even if you’re a beginner, you probably know that there are a multitude of low- and no-content book categories on Amazon KDP. When exploring the Halloween niche, the first thing that it’s essential to do is to get an idea of which product categories perform well, and which don’t. This will help you focus your research and efforts on the right spots and will prevent you from wasting time on unprofitable categories.

The best way to detect the most popular categories is to use the Book Bolt Cloud feature. It reveals data about the bestsellers on the platform, giving you an overview of the state of any given niche.

We went through all of the existing product categories and analyzed how popular they are based on the number of top-performing listings that appeared in search results.

We discovered that the Halloween niche is not popular for categories like sketch books, trackers, log books, guest books, comic books, puzzle books, music sheets, calendars, or planners. All of these categories have less than 20 bestsellers for the keyword “Halloween”.

On the winning side, we have notebooks, journals, coloring books and activity books. This is why we’ll focus on these four categories for the purpose of this article.

Coloring books

Coloring books are the most popular low-content book category in the Halloween niche. More than 200 listings appear in Book Bolt’s Cloud tool when performing a search with the main keyword “Halloween”. The top performers on Amazon KDP in this category have an average BSR of 227,469, which is considered quite low, and therefore, quite profitable.

However, to determine exactly how profitable you can be, it’s also necessary to examine the average prices in the market. In this case, the average price is $7.05, while the lowest and highest stand at $3.18 and $17.44 respectively.

As we inspect the next product categories, you’ll realize that this is possibly the most profitable space to sell in.


Sellers offering Halloween journals are not as numerous. Still, more than 70 listings have made it to the top 100. This indicates that the market does attract buyers, especially considering that the average BSR is 246,919, which is low enough to grab your attention as a seller.

The prices in the journal category for Halloween books are similar to those of coloring books. The average price is $8.60, and the lowest and highest prices are $3.56 and $16.99. The fact that there are fewer top-selling listings means that there’s less competition to worry about when selling Halloween journals.

We’ll check this theory later on when we explore niche-related keywords.

Activity books

With 61 best-selling listings, activity books are the third most popular Halloween low-content book category on Amazon KDP. The average BSR among the chart-toppers is 249,840, while the average, lowest, and highest prices are $7.37, $3.58, and $13.99.

Here, we can see that the highest price in the niche is relatively lower than the previous two categories. However, the BSR is quite similar, indicating that you can still expect to make satisfactory profits from the market.


Finally, notebooks are the least popular from the four categories we extracted, with just over 30 top-selling listings. However, the average BSR here is much lower – 99,605.

This means that sellers have an opportunity to enjoy more sales if their listing is properly created and optimized. With an average price of $6.38, and lowest vs. highest prices of $1.76 to $19.99, this product category is certainly not to be neglected.

Trending Halloween-inspired keywords in 2022

We’ve excluded the categories that are not of interest and we’ve focused our attention on four popular low- and no-content books categories in the Halloween niche.

It’s now time to gauge what shoppers are looking for the most.

What are their demands when it comes to Halloween-inspired low- and no-content books? Are there any sub-niches you can explore to gain a competitive edge?

The best way to answer these questions is to examine the most frequently used keywords among the bestsellers.

By entering “Halloween” in the Keywords finder tool, we uncovered the following keywords, along with their search volumes and competition levels:

  • halloween books for kids – 1 789 – no data
  • halloween activity book for – 1 785 – no data
  • halloween books for adults – 1 784 – high
  • halloween activity book – 1 776 – high
  • dinosaur halloween book – 1 775 – high
  • halloween activity books – 1 760 – high
  • halloween book toddler – 1 734 – no data
  • halloween kid books – 1 650 – no data
  • halloween note book – 1 650 – high
  • halloween coloring book for – 1 606 – no data
  • halloween composition book – 1 594 – no data

As you can see, the majority of these keywords are related to specific target audiences, which we’ll analyze in more detail in the next section.

However, the “dinosaur halloween book” query caught our attention as a potential sub-niche in the market that you could explore. Creating a product featuring these characteristics (halloween, dinosaur, coloring book) is likely to be quite profitable.

Why? Because earlier we concluded that coloring books are very popular based on bestsellers research.

Furthermore, we now see that the keyword “halloween coloring book for” generates more than 1,600 searches every month. It doesn’t have any data on competition levels, which usually means that there aren’t many sellers to compete with.

Combine that with the dinosaur theme, as another highly searched-for sub-niche, and you’ve got yourself a winning product.

Next, we searched for keyword ideas in other areas by cross-referencing our earlier bestsellers research.

We noticed that some of the most frequently used keywords that sellers rank for in the niche include:

  • Spooky
  • Autumn
  • Horror
  • Ghosts
  • Pumpkins
  • Witches
  • Creepy
  • Scary
  • Holiday
  • Haunted
  • Magical

These ideas can be used for inspiration to discover attractive sub-niches to narrow down your offering even further. The more specific your products are, the more competitive advantage you will have.

The perfect audience for Halloween-related books

Our niche analysis has one more key question to address – who are Halloween-related low- and no-content books mostly sold to? What is the target audience that you want to set your sights on?

As coloring books are the most popular category, this is what we’ll focus on. From the displayed results we quickly conclude that both adults and kids are actively targeted by sellers. On the other hand, a look into the most commonly used keywords shows that “kids” is used more than “adults”, but only slightly.

We can also relate back to our findings from keyword research, which indicated the following:

  • halloween books for kids – 1 789 – no data
  • halloween books for adults – 1 784 – high

As you can see, the search volume is very similar. However, there’s another point of differentiation to note – the competition level. Halloween coloring books for adults are highly competitive, whereas Halloween books for kids are not, as there isn’t enough data to shape a competition level on Book Bolt.

This means that you have higher chances of quickly attracting attention and generating sales in the kids’ market.

How to capitalize on the Halloween niche this year

Don’t limit yourself to the main keyword

If you’ve decided to take advantage of one of the most loved holidays in the US, the use of keywords containing “Halloween” in your listing titles and descriptions is inevitable. This main keyword will position your book in the niche and will help shoppers searching for Halloween-based products find you.

However, there are a multitude of other valuable keywords like spooky, creepy, ghosts, or haunted, which also receive a certain level of interest from buyers.

By enriching your listing with a wider variety of related keywords, you maximize your chances of reaching more customers, thereby increasing your sales potential.

Consider selling in less popular categories

Earlier, we specifically focused on extracting valuable information from the most popular categories that Halloween books sell in, with particular attention to coloring books. And that’s the approach we would usually recommend. However, sometimes it’s necessary to have a deeper look to make the right decisions.

Here’s what we mean by that.

Our keyword research shows that “halloween activity book for” receives a monthly search volume of 1,785, making it one of the most attractive ones for shoppers in the niche. At the same time, activity books are not as popular as coloring books for the Halloween theme. Furthermore, there’s no data about the competition level of the keyword, which translates to low competition.

As a seller, you are likely to enjoy lucrative rewards by creating Halloween activity books, even though not many other sellers are exploiting this avenue.

Diversify your portfolio to test the ground

When entering a new niche, we strongly recommend experimenting with different categories, keywords, prices and designs to test the market. With low- and no-content books on Amazon KDP, there’s nothing to lose.

After all, the only thing that you’re risking is the time invested in creating your designs. Luckily, with Book Bolt, you can quickly and easily create your book covers and interiors with tools that only take a few clicks of a button.

Adapt your designs to your audience

Finally, we recommend getting to know your audience and tailoring your low- or no-content book designs to their needs and specific traits. For example, we discovered that a lot of the Halloween coloring books for children had fun, playful, and not very scary book covers. They also made use of words like “cute ghosts”, “fun haunted house”, and other similar phrases.

At the same time, products targeted at adults can afford to be a bit more scary and horrific, which is easy to see by browsing through the bestsellers on Book Bolt. Some book covers include blood, scary masks, and other elements, which may be traumatic for children.

Wrapping up

The Halloween niche is undoubtedly popular and can provide Amazon KDP sellers with the chance to grow their presence, diversify their portfolio, and increase sales.

But in order to turn your low- and no-content books into success stories, it’s vital to approach the market with sound research and facts-based decisions.

Don’t forget to use Book Bolt as your go-to business intelligence tool. It goes for only $9.99 per month.

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