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Coloring books have evolved from a child’s pastime to a leading trend in adult stress relief. Grown-ups worldwide are rediscovering the joys and anti-stress benefits of coloring in, creating tremendous opportunities for POD book sellers on Amazon KDP.

This article will guide you on how to create your own adult coloring book success story using Book Bolt. Specifically, we will delve into the stress relief niche and explore how to make your book a soothing escape for your target audience.

Тhe essence of a stress relief adult coloring book

Coloring is inherently a meditative and mindful activity. This simple act allows the brain to switch off extraneous thoughts and focus on the moment.

But what are the precise features of a coloring book that enable it to achieve this for the user?

In simple terms, a coloring book should contain designs that promote relaxation and tranquility. Think mandalas, flowers, animals, and any other themes that bring joy to the mind.

It’s key to create a good mix of intricate and simple coloring elements that can cater to different stress levels and moods. For example, one of your objectives as a seller is to offer a challenge and a deep level of engagement, allowing users to disconnect completely from their worries.

On the other hand, simpler designs provide a relaxed and less demanding coloring experience. Think of your targeted audience and if possible, offer both sides of the coin to maximize your chances of sales.

The stress relief coloring book niche on Amazon KDP

So far so good, however one question remains. Are stress relief coloring books a trend on Amazon? Can you expect to secure fruitful gains from this niche?

Using Book Bolt, we identified more than 500 bestsellers ranking for the phrase “stress relief”. The average BSR of these listings is 254 242. This signals a well-developed market with a lot of sales potential.

To determine how profitable you can expect to be as a seller, it’s vital to look at the lowest, highest, and average prices in the space:

  • Lowest Price $3.50
  • Highest Price $12.99
  • Average Price $7.80

Although sellers are not limited to these prices, it’s recommended to consider them when setting your pricing strategy. In most cases, it’s advisable to ask for a price around the average in the niche (in this case, $7.80). This will reward you with a competitive advantage and will make your product desirable to more consumers.

Let’s look at the number one listing in the stress-relief coloring book segment to find out if this fits in with reality.

The “Stress Relief: Adult Coloring Book with Animals, Landscape, Flowers, Patterns, Mushroom And Many More For Relaxation” item sells for $7.99 and has a BSR of 357, landing around 686 sales per month.

You can see that the seller has priced the product slightly over the average price ($7.99). In terms of profitability, with nearly 700 sales per month, this listing is generating royalties of roughly $1,700. This is definitely a rewarding result from a single listing.

How to create a successful stress relief coloring book with Book Bolt

When tapping into the stress-relief coloring book space, you’ll need all that data you can get. Luckily, Book Bolt is here to offer that, and more.

Although equipped with numerous powerful features, perhaps the most important ones for you, in this case, are the following:

  • The cloud tool
  • Keyword research tools
  • Book Bolt’s designer tools

Let’s find out why.

Niche research

One of the first things to do when exploring a niche is to find out whether there is an established market on Amazon. By using Book Bolt’s Cloud tool, you can gain valuable information about the top performers in the market.

These listings will be your go-to when it comes to decision-making. Via this tool, you can find out their average BSRs, average prices, most frequently used keywords, trending designs, and more.

For example, for the stress-relief niche, we came across the following keywords as most often used:

  • Stress
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Mandalas
  • Mindfulness
  • Flowers
  • Quotes
  • Numbers

Incorporating these into your titles and descriptions is likely to make your product more visible and easily discoverable by your target audience.

Keyword identification

Another essential component is keyword research. Book Bolt’s Keyword tools enable sellers to locate searched-for keywords and phrases.

Most importantly, the tool offers access to competition levels on Amazon, helping you select the keywords that will be easier to rank for.

Book Bolt designer tools

Last but not least, Book Bolt’s Designer tools help even the least seasoned authors create stunning book covers and interiors.

With a few clicks, you can craft an eye-catching stress-relief coloring book that will turn your Amazon KDP game around.

Tips for turning your creation into a success story

Note that creating a successful stress-relief coloring book involves more than simply assembling a collection of images. Below, we explore some key elements that you need to consider.

Balance of complexity

As we’ve already discussed, a healthy mix of complexity levels can cater to different coloring moods and stress levels.

Simple patterns offer quick satisfaction and relaxation, which can be extremely useful for some types of stress. At the same time, more complex designs engage the user in a more immersive and focused activity.

It’s all about offering your audience a range of options to cater to their varied needs.

Use of white space

The effective use of white space in your coloring book can have a big impact on the user’s journey.

White space, or negative space, refers to the unmarked areas around and between your designs. Proper use of white space can make your book feel more open and less intimidating, aiding relaxation.

If there is too little white space, the page might seem overwhelming, potentially causing stress rather than relieving it.

Conversely, too much white space might make the book feel empty and unsatisfying. A careful balance provides a soothing visual experience that will guide your users into a peaceful state of mind.

Theme consistency

A consistent theme can help users delve deeper into a meditative state, as predictability can be comforting. You could employ some of the most popularly used keywords among the bestselling listings to choose your theme strategically.

As mentioned above, opting for a nature theme with designs of animals, flowers, and landscapes, or a mandala theme with a collection of beautiful mandalas is always a good idea.

Whichever theme you select, stick with it throughout the book to provide a consistent and relaxing coloring journey.

Variety within a theme

While it’s important to maintain consistency, incorporating variety within your chosen theme can help keep users engaged. If you’re going with a nature theme, include a mix of landscapes, flora, and fauna.

For a mandala theme, experiment with different patterns and levels of intricacy. This will help the user concentrate on the book for longer, fully diving into the meditative practice.

Logical flow of designs

Another detail to consider when creating your stress-relief coloring book is the flow of your designs.

The order in which you arrange your coloring components can significantly impact the user experience.

You could progress from simpler to more complex designs, allowing users to warm up to easy patterns before tackling more challenging ones. Alternatively, you can intersperse simple and complex designs to offer moments of relaxation and engagement throughout the book.

Aesthetic and functional book cover

One factor that must never be underestimated is the book cover.

The cover is the first thing your potential customers will see, and it plays a critical role in the overall stress-relief journey.

Choose calming colors and incorporate elements of your book’s theme (natural beiges, green, and soft shades work wonders). Ensure that the book title and other information are clearly visible and well-positioned.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to the success of your coloring book, quality always triumphs over quantity. Although these products are considered low-content and don’t require much effort in terms of text, image quality makes a huge difference.

Make sure that each design is well-crafted and distinct. High-quality coloring elements will not only provide a better coloring session but also increase the perceived value of your book.

Not to mention that an outstanding product inevitably triggers positive customer reviews and recommendations.

Wrapping up

To enjoy a steady stream of income, your stress-relief coloring gem must be well-crafted and marketed correctly. By taking advantage of tools like Book Bolt, you can make strategic decisions based on data and take your sales to the sky. Remember, follow the lead of bestsellers but strive to offer something unique and creative to your audience.

By doing so, you’ll always have a competitive edge and an authentic image in the shoppers’ eyes.

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