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There’s always this push to be on the top of the rankings, or at least close to the top. We all feel it, and there is a reality behind it; if you’re not on that first page, many think you might as well not bother. And though that view is a bit extreme, sales figures do suggest it holds some water. Each and every business owner aspires to have their products appear at the top of Amazon’s search results. But before you figure out what works effectively with your items, you have to go through a lot of trial and error. So how DO we improve our rankings on Amazon in 2023?


First off, it’s important to know that Amazon had modified the way it displays search results in the year 2022. The two characteristics which indicate client behavior are the major factors considered by Amazon’s A9 algorithm, namely customer intent (them seeking you out and looking through your wares) and then what they actually purchase. Another element that directly influences search results is sales history. As a result, increasing both your visitors as well as sales will help you move up the rankings. And one way to do that is to make your product listings more effective. Content, also known as Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content), is a useful tool for attracting new potential clients. Content delivers an exceptional consumer experience, strengthens your branding, and enhances your reputation. The conversion rates, reviews, and return rates of products with A+ Content are therefore generally higher.

Your rankings and conversions will go up as a result of ongoing listing optimization. Both for your customers and for Amazon SEO, you must optimize your product listings. When maximizing your listings for conversions, there are a few things to keep in mind. Conversion rates are often high for photographs of good quality, so include visuals that illustrate the product’s features or usage as well. While doing so, keep in mind that it is mandatory that you abide by Amazon’s exact rules when posting images and videos. In your product title, use relevant keywords as well as the item’s advantages and variations. List the points in a bulleted list according to importance, and make sure to effectively use backend keywords (don’t use the same ones again as you did in the listing.)


But all of this is still ultimately about optimization. One tip you might want to keep in mind is not to overuse terms. On Amazon, keyword repetition is not necessary, in contrast to Google SEO. Don’t give your consumers information that is already available. You can also leave out the punctuation and when listing keywords, use a single space; there is no need for commas, dashes, semicolons, etc. Don’t use synonyms and PLEASE check for misspellings (and never use them on purpose to catch someone who might misspell when searching). You do not need to add synonyms or related keywords because Amazon already collects relevant keywords.

You may gather crucial data by sending visitors to a landing page, and then utilize the information to better enhance your listings. If you want to surpass where you’ve been on Amazon in 2023, this method merits a close examination. Online reviews are taken seriously as personal recommendations. Additionally, it is clear that higher rankings on Amazon are directly correlated with a product’s number of favorable ratings. Higher-ranking products typically have more favorable customer feedback than those at the bottom of the list for a given search keyword. So be sure to ask your customers for feedback and reviews; developing a solid seller reputation will benefit you in the long run. It is a crucial statistic to use when assessing your Amazon performance.

Also, think about properly identifying your target audience. Recognize their location and analyze the stuff they favor. Every one of your rivals is also optimizing their listings and so you must as well. To increase sales, you must have a competitive advantage over these people. So your best bet is to use outside traffic. This seems daunting, but once you figure it all out you’ll benefit greatly. Most of the time, customers might not be in the market to make a purchase, particularly if you are directing outside traffic via Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads. So direct them to an Amazon landing page. Your conversion rates will drop if you direct them to a product listing page because there is a great likelihood that the buyer won’t purchase your item this way.


One of the key factors that determines your success on Amazon is pricing. It’s an important factor in getting the Amazon Buy Box, and that is not something you should ever underestimate. In comparison to your competitors, you must provide competitive pricing. Therefore, keep an eye out for price changes made by your competition and efficiently re-price your goods if that makes sense. Following the optimization procedure, you should monitor the outcomes. There ought to be an improvement in sales. Check your product ranking frequently to check whether it is rising. Look at the product reviews you’ve written. Positive reviews are likely to increase, which will boost your search ranking even further. A/B test your website and monitor its metrics, then check out the content that converts the best.

This is all about keeping current. You must keep your product listings current and remain relevant to your consumers if you want to rank highly on Amazon. But whatever you find that works for you and gives you steady, positive growth? Do that. Do that thing. There’s never a reason to re-invent the wheel when dealing with online sales. All of these items we’ve discussed are tools; you have to be the determining factor who decides how things are going to be done for your shop.

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  1. Denise Baker-Inegbenebo

    You must have been reading my mind because I could not figure out how to get my books to sell. I am interested to know how you define a Amazon landing page. Is it my Author page?? I am confused on this, but I totally appreciate what you give us to be successful! I plan on mastering this! Thank you for all you do!

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