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Farm animal owners have flocked to Amazon KDP for a reason. Demand from this audience demonstrates the usefulness of no-content books in keeping track of animals’ health and well-being as well as animal management.

From horse grooming and recordkeeping to even waterfowl hunting, there’s something on Amazon KDP for everyone.

But how big is the market for these no-content books and is the niche actually profitable? We take a closer look.

How big is the no-content book market for farm animals?

In order to explore the scope of the farm animal market, we looked at both and Book Bolt. A search for “farm animals” provides us with a relatively low BSR of 473,289 with a search volume of 13,614.

To explore the niche even deeper, we looked at related keywords, and found that “farming animals” has a search volume of 2,082 and a corresponding BSR of 884,124.

Meanwhile, “farming books” yield a search volume of 14,759, “farm record book” (9,120), “farm record keeping book” (6,381), “farm management record book” (6,353), “farm expense record book” (6,264), “farm record keeping” (6,073), and “farm book” (4,962).

It would appear that the most popular types of books aimed at farm animals are logbooks, record books, journals, notebooks, and ledgers. As for the keyword count, some of the most popular keywords under a “farm animals” and “farming animals” search include:

  • Farm (140)
  • Animals (94)
  • Country (53)
  • Animal (27)
  • Farming (12)
  • Cow (11)
  • Sheep (11)
  • Pig (10)

This would indicate an interest in a wide range of farm animals, as well as various ways to record and manage them in a farm. At just over 70,000 monthly searches, search volume is high, indicating an underlying interest from buyers in this niche.

As for the number of listings, we find that a search for “farm animal logbooks” on yields over 10,000 items, “farm animal record keeping book” has 6,000 results, “farm animal journal” and “farm animal notebook” bring back 40,000 results each, and “farm animal ledger” yields around 100 results. This confirms our earlier findings regarding the types of books most searched for by buyers.

No-content book products in the “farm animals” niche are generally priced at $3.70 (lowest), $39.99 (highest), and $8.13 (average). Meanwhile, “farm record book” searches showcase the following prices: $3.70 (lowest), $13.44 (highest), and $7.37 (lowest).

As a conclusion here, we can definitely say that the niche is vibrant and enjoys quite a bit of customer demand. It makes sense to enter it, not least to diversify your listings portfolio.

What are some of the best-selling merchants doing right?

To gauge what the top performers in the space are doing in order to become bestsellers, we explored some of the upper tier listings with some of the highest number of sales.

Our listings of choice are:

“All My Cattle Shit, Cattle Record Keeping: Farm, Beef Calving Log, Calves Journal, Track Livestock Breeding, Cow Income & Expense Ledger Immunizations Book”.

This item has an incredibly low BSR of 72,525, with 249 estimated sales and is priced at $8.99.

“Farm Record: Farming Income, Profit & Expenses Record / Raising Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits Log Book / Farm Accounting Ledger And Record … Notebook / Farmer Business Accounting Record“.

This book caters to a broad range of animals instead of a single one. It comes in at 222 sales, along with a low BSR in the overall category, at 118,467. The price is $6.77, which is just below the average for the niche.

The crucial thing that best-selling merchants are doing right to get in front of these highly specific audiences is that they are optimizing their titles. Instead of simply saying “horse”, “cow”, “farming animals” etc., these sellers are going beyond. They are avoiding using highly used keywords (which can yield irrelevant results) and are rather replacing this with “cattle record keeping”, for example, thereby optimizing their keyword usage.

Each of the bestsellers above has gone to great lengths to ensure that their farm animal book is clearly distinguished from the rest of the animal books on Amazon KDP, which mainly deal with coloring and activity books for adults and children. This is based on their titles as well as relying on high search volume keywords and ensuring their design matches the specific audience.

In addition to this, some of the best-selling merchants are pricing just around the average to ensure that they cast out a wider net to gain more accessibility to the farmers and farm animals audiences.

Interestingly, and also related to the price and royalties, these sellers have gone beyond the 110 page mark that has additional fixed printing costs. This means that sellers are willing to offer a higher volume, higher quality product at more pages for more value to the customer, and forego some part of their royalties based on additional printing costs per page.

How profitable is this niche?

What emerges from the listings above is that farm animal no-content books are all priced under the $10.00 mark. Does this mean that because of the relatively low price, there’s no scope for profit?

We took a closer look.

For example, the product “Farm Record: Farming Income, Profit & Expenses Record / Raising Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits Log Book / Farm Accounting Ledger And Record … Notebook / Farmer Business Accounting Record“ has 222 sales at $6.77.

This yields royalties in the region of $1.75. Multiplying the royalty payout by the number of sales (222) gives us pure profit of $388.50.

Meanwhile, the “All My Cattle Shit, Cattle Record Keeping: Farm, Beef Calving Log, Calves Journal, Track Livestock Breeding, Cow Income & Expense Ledger Immunizations Book” has 195 estimated sales and is priced at $8.99.

This brings back royalties of $2.77 per book and a total profit of $540.15.

It must be said that these are quite decent profits. Just two books netting hundreds of dollars per month in a highly specific niche. Good job, indeed.

What is our advice for sellers looking to sell no-content books for farm animals?

Farm animal no-content books are incredibly niche. They cater to particular audiences with specific needs. The result is that there are quite a bit fewer of them, as opposed to, say, farm animal coloring books. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re any less profitable.

It’s all about optimizing keyword usage to cater to a user’s search query. If a user enters the word “cow” in the Amazon search bar, they’re likely to get a plethora of results that don’t relate to their search. However, if they refined their search to mention “cattle breeding” or “farm record keeping book”, they’d get fewer results. This scarcity of products means sellers who have produced these items will make a profit.

Regarding the pricing, these books are in the region of 110-150 pages for under $10.00, with the bestsellers pricing as close to the average as possible.

In terms of design, most of the bestsellers mentioned above have backgrounds with a single, solid color. They use large print and block letters, giving a sense of gravity to the product, which it typically is for a farmer whose livelihood depends on rearing farm animals.

As for the best sellers rank, many of the top sellers in the farm animal categories have extremely low BSRs and this is a combination of factors that are a product of listing optimization such as pricing, cover design, and highly targeted keyword usage in both the titles and descriptions.

Final thoughts

All in all, catering to farmers can be a profitable niche. It’s a matter of optimizing your listing to meet the needs of this highly specific audience. Really drilling down on your offering is perhaps the best way to capture this market. From keyword optimization in the titles and descriptions to pricing just right, there are several strategies you can employ to get hundreds of dollars in your account from your Amazon KDP side gig.

Let Book Bolt help you with your research process to ensure you get in front of the right audience. With a wide range of valuable modules, you can take your no-content book business to the next level for only $9.99 per month.

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