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There appears to be a limitless number of niches to pick from for your low content book publishing business. But it can be difficult to come up with a single idea when the possibilities seem endless. So many people are already out there doing it, so where do you even start? We hope that this article on niches you might not have thought of will start your creative juices flowing and set you on your path to developing low content books to sell on Amazon or any other selling platform you want.

Just remember, you will still need to conduct your own research and put in time and effort to begin making sales.

If you are like most of us, you are not also a qualified designer. You might want to look at services like Creative Fabrica for graphics. They have an excellent commercial license for print-on-demand services that you can go through. If you don’t want the full subscription, you can pay for individual graphics and they frequently have free ones you can use. Please (as with everything) read the license terms carefully since this is not a free-for-all. And this advice is for really any source of graphics: learn the licensing, see if the images are in the public domain, or by which Creative Commons license they adhere to.

A Niche Service, not a Niche Topic: Personalization

So, what kinds of things are we talking about here? Let’s look at a very popular one: monogrammed items.

Many people go online to find personalized gifts and similar items for themselves. This niche is big on platforms like Zazzle since you can personalize the products, and while monogrammed products aren’t as popular on Amazon and other platforms owing to the lack of customization, they do indeed sell. If you were to follow this area seriously, you would need a large number of books published in order to experience success, but you can make literally hundreds of books by altering the name of just one design. You may choose 10-20 names carefully based on the most popular names for your target demographic and upload numerous designs with those 10-20 names to see which ones do best.

Cooking At Home: The Niche The Pandemic Created

What else? Here’s another idea for you to sink your teeth into: baking, particularly bread production, exploded during the pandemic. At the start of the epidemic, flour was sold out at every grocery store. Everyone was returning to their roots by getting in the kitchen and cooking delicious cuisine. All of the home baking and cooking has brought a large number of people into this niche. Not to mention popular items such as handcrafted cupcakes, doughnuts, and ice cream. But we are not stopping there on our quest to find great niches.

Politics: The Hotbed Hot Topic

To make unique sales, sometimes you will have to go where many will not. The political world is very much a place most will not engage and others will run away from. But the opportunities are there. When it comes to copyrighted material, politicians are open game. Whether you support the red or blue (or neither), there are plenty of statements from your favorite politician that can be utilized in or on the cover of your next low-content book. And you don’t have to limit yourself to American politics; while the United States is undoubtedly the largest market on Amazon, and in the internet world in general as they are the ones spending the most money, there are still plenty of audiences to be reached outside of the United States.

If you wish to try this route, it’s important to stay current in politics. You’ll want to be the first person to come up with a design based on whatever the politician you’re following said last night or last week. Depending on the design and popularity of the person, it may trend for a few days, weeks, months, or even years. Do note that in general, these revenues will be transient, therefore you will need to be continuously producing new material to maintain your sales.

Religion and Personal Spiritual Beliefs: The Other Hot-Topic

While some might also shy away from this, niche products of a religious nature can be a very profitable field to enter. You can draw images of scenes from religious literature or utilize phrases from your religion’s holy book that are inspiring and/or important. These types of things can be very important to adherents and making them with respect will go a long way and promote repeat sales. Many people do really well in the religion niche, and if it connects with you, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Once up on a time, any belief system or practice outside of the norm was put into the “New Age” basket. The descriptive terms have changed, but those practices are more alive and well in the Western world today than ever. This could include tarot, crystals, angels, Reiki, meditation, or anything else related to spirituality and mysticism. This is a vast niche with numerous paths you might go, so you’ll need to conduct some study to discover a topic that matches your design talents or style.

Even vegetarianism or being vegan could play a linked role in this. Many people choose vegetarianism or veganism as a way of life, and they take it extremely seriously. It is believed that 8% of the world’s population is vegetarian. There are a lot of persons who fit under this category. Consider people’s motives for becoming plant-based to narrow down your vegetarian/vegan niche even further. Is it for medical reasons? What about animal rights? Or perhaps for environmental reasons? There are various factors that may influence the type of design you build for this niche.

Niches Within Niches: Travel

Politics not your style? Looking to make something more neutral to appeal to a wider base? Well, who doesn’t like traveling? When it comes to niching down with the realm of travel, there are literally unlimited alternatives. You may construct one for each city, country, state, province, region, continent, and so on. What about taking an aircraft, a boat, a train, or a road trip? Consider traveling alone, with friends, family, or in a relationship. These sub-niches alone might keep you busy for a long time!

Niches Within Niches: Essential Workers

Another niche that surfaced during the pandemic was a new specialization that has received a lot of attention: front-line employees. Whether it’s for the people in your community you saw always out there doing the thankless jobs, or people like nurses pulling multiple shifts at their hospital, there’s something to be said for items cheering their efforts on. We all value their service, and entering this sector allows us to demonstrate our appreciation to front-line personnel everywhere. Dentists, EMT’s, grocery store employees, transportation workers, and this list goes on and on as you’ll soon discover. Find products that celebrate these everyday important people!

Niches Within Niches: Entertainment and Hobbies

From the entertainment world, as is proven at the box office, the realms of science fiction and fantasy are still highly popular all over the world. With the right products, you can also cash in on these expansive genres. Many different types of people enjoy fantasy and science fiction, and you can sell to them all if you conduct thorough keyword research and see what the latest focus is in these worlds.

Niches Within Niches: Crafts

Crafting of all kinds have also taken on a new life since the outbreak; with people staying home for such an extended amount of time that they needed to find a way to pass the time. Many people have emerged from the epidemic with a renewed interest in creating and may be looking for craft-related literature. You can talk about what you might already know, or are willing to research. Things like woodworking, painting, knitting, beadwork, paper crafts like origami, there are so many such activities that you can set your sights on to sell.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas for alternative topics you may explore in your own KDP no-to-lo content book publishing career. Or, better yet, sparked some of your own ideas for new niches! But one final point to consider before delving too far into a specific sector is to obtain proof of concept. So, once you’ve decided on a niche, create anything from a few to several dozen designs and get them submitted as soon as possible. If one or more of your books begin to sell, you will immediately know that people are interested in that topic, so go make more!


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