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Becoming a dad for the first time is an exciting period in a man’s life. It is associated with new challenges and novel experiences that are to be cherished forever.

Being an under-explored niche for sellers, this is a market that you might want to tap into. But what are the intricacies of this niche and what is the potential for profitability?

We explore this in more detail below.

How big is the market for the new fatherhood niche?

Using Book Bolt’s “Products” module, we examined the best-sellers rank (BSR) of various keywords in the fatherhood niche. Starting with the broad keyword “dad”, we get quite a high BSR of 1,916,558.

However, when the search is refined further, the BSR drops quite significantly. This is evident with the following keywords and their related BSR: “new fatherhood” (1,412,835), “new father” (139,710), and the impressively low BSR for “new dad”  at only 16,336.

Keywords, Search Volume, and BSR

The research process for the new dads niche would not be complete without exploring related keywords, their search volume, and their associated BSR.

We explored each of these search criteria in more detail, and uncovered the following details:

  • “Dad books for new dad”: search volume – 9,866; BSR – 1,693,546
  • “New dad s”: search volume – 9.821; BSR – 1,312,448
  • “New dad book”: search volume – 7,350; BSR – 1,083,447
  • “Dad book for new dad”: search volume – 6,038; BSR – 1,693,546
  • “New dad”: search volume – 6,000; BSR – 16,336
  • “Dad books for new dads”: search volume – 483; BSR – 1,693,546

These results indicate that searches on Amazon KDP for the “new dads” niche are quite broad. It would appear that buyers are not necessarily looking for a particular type of book but rather are entering broad search queries including the word “book” in the hopes of finding something appropriate.

When it comes to keyword count, we found that current top sellers are somewhat matching this buyer behavior. Products in the “new dad” niche include the following keywords in their titles and descriptions: “journal” (80), “book” (49), “notebook” (28), “diary” (15), “record” (9), “planner” (5), “journals” (5), and “calendar” (4).

This would indicate that the “new dad” niche features a wide variety of no- and low-content books. Sellers can take advantage of this to diversify their portfolios and capture the market with a unique offering.

Listings saturation

We also headed over to Amazon.com to explore the listings saturation for the “new dads” niche. We found that “new dad journal” yields 60,000 results while just changing the word “journal” to the plural form gives us 3,000 results for “new dad journals”.

“New dad notebook” also provides a relatively high listings count at 60,000 items on the Amazon marketplace. This is followed by “new dad planner” (50,000 results), “new dad calendar” (20,000 results), “new dad record” (3,000 results), and “new dad diary” with 1,000 listings.

Sellers are encouraged to pursue products with a lower listings saturation number as opposed to opting for higher figures. This way, you still have scope to compete without entering a saturated market.


We also explored the pricing for the lowest BSR keyword “new dad”. Book Bolt’s “Products” module shows us that the lowest price is $3.58, the highest price for these items is at $24.95, while the average price goes for just under $10.00 at $8.81.

What are some of the best-selling merchants doing right?

We identified two of the top sellers in this niche who have made multiple sales of their products over the past two years.

The first top listing is titled “Advice for the New Mom and Dad notebook: New Parents,Childhood Journal /Baby Shower girl/Childhood Memories / Baby Shower keepsake Gift / Childhood Journey /Memory/Gift from Mother”. This item is created by Nadia Baby Shower Publishing. Despite its low number of ratings (at five only), it has made 179 sales. This product’s BSR is a low 185,493 and it sells for $6.95.

The second top listing is “MY BABY GIRLㅣOne Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Journal For New Moms And Dads To Record Precious Moments Of Your Baby Girl, Floral 6×9 Lined Diary BookㅣUndated Edition”. Created by Cleo Lemoine, it also has a low number of ratings at only three, but it has made 152 sales since January 2022. With a low BSR of 235,015, this item sells just above the average at $13.99.

So, what makes these two products so successful in terms of sales?

We first look at their keyword usage. The titles are highly descriptive and incorporate high search volume, low BSR keywords such as “new dad”. They also include high keyword count words like “journal” and “record”.

Interestingly enough, the first seller mentioned above has not optimized their description at all. Instead, they have written about the suitability of this book for a wide range of audiences and for a wide number of uses including “homework”. Despite this, the title seems to be catching the audience’s attention as it accurately caters to search queries.

The second item, on the other hand, has a highly detailed description, which indicates what the customer is getting with the book. It also indicates the ideal audience and the scenarios for which the book is ideal. In this case, it is specifically for new dads of baby girls.

In terms of prices, both sellers have employed strong strategies of pricing near the average of $10.00 for this niche. This is subsequently paying off for them because they are making sales that are nearing the 200-mark.

As for the designs, the sellers have approached this in different ways. Whereas the first seller has used a navy blue background (which is a color that’s more suitable for men) with cartoon-like baby clothing hanging on a clothes line, the second seller has used a white background with a pink and green floral pattern to specifically cater to fathers of baby girls.

What is the profitability within this niche?

Using the Amazon KDP royalties calculator, which factors in the page numbers of the book item, the finish, and whether it’s a paperback or hardcover, we can determine the profitability in this niche.

Regarding the first seller, who has sold 179 items at $6.95, we determine the royalty per book to be $2.02, and that the profitability $361.58.

In terms of the second seller, with 152 sales at $13.99, the royalties per book are $3.04. When multiplied by the number of sales, we get profits in the region of $462.08.

Consequently, the new dads niche has potential for profitability, reaching nearly $500.00 for the two best-sellers mentioned above.

Our recommendations

Sellers looking to enter the new dads niche on Amazon KDP would be well-positioned if they follow some of the best-selling strategies employed by other sellers. These include:

Listing optimization: high search volume and low competition keywords like “new dad” are a great way of optimizing your title and description. Some sellers have gone as far as mentioning whether the newborn baby is a boy or a girl and this helps to niche down even further. Optimizing your description is just as vital. It was interesting to note that whereas one of the bestsellers mentioned above did not do this, they still managed to get a lot of sales through a highly optimized title.

Price: another recommendation that you could follow relates to the pricing of your books. One of the bestsellers we focused on in this article offers 100 pages whereas the other one offers 375. The latter is quite unusual for a record/diary, but it means that the seller is offering value for money by pricing just around the average of $10.00 and still being able to earn a profit of over $300.00.

Design: your cover design is another crucial element to focus on. It specifically needs to be focused on your target audience. The background colors should relate to your target market, which is new dads. Meanwhile, the additional graphic elements need to cater to the baby market as well as to new fathers. This can be a bit tricky to achieve and you need to have a fine balance between the two.

Reviews and ratings: whereas neither of the two bestsellers mentioned above had many reviews and ratings, these aspects play an important role in your Amazon KDP journey because they provide social validation to other prospective buyers. Generating these ratings and reviews is therefore something you should consider focusing on where possible, without going beyond the rules that Amazon sets out for these.

In conclusion

The new dads niche on Amazon has shown to have some serious potential. With profits nearing $500.00, this is something you may consider getting into.

Remember that you need to optimize your titles and descriptions, ensure you have a flawless cover design, price around the average, and try to generate more positive reviews and higher ratings with a better quality product.

When competing in this niche, these factors are critical. But you don’t have to undertake long and painstaking research to achieve success. With the help of Book Bolt’s various modules, you can have access to millions of insights at your fingertips in mere seconds. At just $9.99 per month, this is possibly the most worthwhile investment you can make in your no- or low-content book publishing business.

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