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Becoming a new mom is an exciting period in a woman’s life. It is accompanied by novel challenges and beautiful moments that are to be cherished. As memories are created with each passing day, new moms have the opportunity to record them together with the special milestones that arise. And one of the best ways of doing so is via motherhood journals, planners, and notebooks.

Sellers interested in entering this niche should know a few things about it. These include market size, bestseller strategies, potential for profitability, and more. This post explores these facets to help you make more informed decisions about how to enter this niche more successfully.

Take a look at our findings below.

How big is the market for the new motherhood niche?

In exploring the new moms niche, we used Book Bolt’s Products module to determine which of the main keywords are performing well. This was done by inspecting the main keywords and their associated best-sellers rank (BSR).

Broader keywords such as “motherhood” showed a high BSR of 6,238,408. However, other better performing keywords with a lower BSR include: “mother” (2,018,663), “mom” (1,196,026), “mothers” (1,006,364), “new mom” (546,645), and “moms” (543,974). It’s clear that the descriptive and more finely narrowed down keyword “new mom” together with the plural word “moms” perform better than their related counterparts.

Keywords, BSR and search volume

To explore this niche in even more detail, we also looked at related keywords. Related keywords help us get a better idea of what customers are searching for on Amazon.

Here are some of the related keywords in the new motherhood niche, their associated search volume on Amazon, and their BSR:

  • “Mere motherhood”: search volume – 34,137; BSR – 6,311,603
  • “Risen motherhood”: search volume – 16,378; BSR – 4,865,514
  • “Designing motherhood”: search volume – 6,052; BSR – 1,153,809
  • “Motherhood”: search volume – 3,409; BSR – 6,238,408
  • “Motherhood journals”: search volume – 1,650; BSR – 1,933,755
  • “Motherhood planner”: search volume – 1,643; BSR – 34,715
  • “Journal motherhood”: search volume – 1,638; BSR – 1,933,755
  • “Motherhood journa”: search volume – 1,554; BSR – 181,413
  • “Motherhood notebook”: search volume – 1,461; BSR – 1,184,640

These results are a strong indication that new moms are actively looking for journals, planners, and notebooks to help them with their motherhood activities. Therefore, a key takeaway for sellers in this niche would be to concentrate on these high-volume keywords with a correspondingly low BSR.

What’s also interesting to note is that all of these related keywords contain the word “motherhood”, which has a large monthly search volume of over 70,000 on There is, therefore, an opportunity to capture these massive search queries with appropriately worded titles and descriptions. But for more on this, see our discussion below.

It’s also crucial to look at the keyword count to see what current sellers are placing on the marketplace in terms of their keyword usage.

Book Bolt’s Products module reveals which keywords have been used in listings and what their associated keyword count is: “motherhood” (86), “mom” (43), “mothers” (32), “moms” (26), “mother” (21), “baby” (17), “family” (15), “mama” (8), and “women” (6). This would, therefore, indicate that sellers are actively using variations of the word “mother” to help give their listings more visibility and reach higher rankings on

Listings saturation

And speaking of, we also looked at the number of listings to see how many products are available for some of the highest search volume queries. This is what we found: “motherhood journals” (over 3,000 listings), “motherhood notebook” (over 1,000 listings), and “motherhood planner” (over 698 listings).

This clearly indicates that the marketplace is not saturated by new motherhood products as yet and there is space for entering this niche.


Finally, we also explored the lowest, average, and highest prices of the listings related to the seed keyword “motherhood”.

Our findings show that the lowest priced books go for $3.86, the average price of such books is $9.71, while the highest price goes for an unusually high $52.01.

What are some of the best-selling merchants doing right?

We identified two best-selling merchants in this niche, who have made many sales over the past three years.

First up, we have “The New Mom Prayer & Wellbeing Journal: A Guided Prayer Journal for Nourishing Self-Care to Be A Happy, Healthy Mom”. Created by Bryony Bamfield, this product has a low BSR of 172,479. It has also received 20 ratings to date since publication on January 22nd, 2020.

Secondly, we have the “Postpartum Guided Journal: A Day by Day Journal Prompts to Support New Moms During The First Six Weeks of Motherhood”. This item was created by Fertility Heaven. It also has a low BSR of 326,040. Although ratings are relatively low at only 10, the high number of sales indicates this product is popular among new moms.

So, what have both sellers done right? Let’s start by looking at their keyword usage in their titles. Both have used the words “journal” and “new mom” or “new moms”, thereby capturing keywords with a high search volume and low competition. Their descriptions are highly detailed, indicating what challenges new moms go through as they begin along their journey to motherhood. These descriptions capture multiple high-volume keywords as well. This indicates a strong strategy in terms of the first step in optimizing one’s listing.

We also looked at their prices. The first seller charges $8.95 for their book, while the second seller has an asking price of $6.98. These are both in the region of the average of $9.71 for such books. This indicates a strong strategy that does not alienate customers with an overly high price. It also signals a quality but affordable product that is not valued in the region of the lowest price for these items at around $3.00.

As for the designs, the first seller has used a mix of colorful leaves and flowers on a dark blue background, signaling that this product is for a female audience. The text is centered and placed at the top upper-half of the cover. Meanwhile, the second seller has used neutral brown hues in their title and design, which includes a rainbow. Once again, this is a strong indication of who is being targeted.

What is the profitability within this niche?

Returning to the bestselling listings discussed above, we can provide an estimate of the sellers’ profitability by multiplying the number of sales by the selling price to determine the royalties.

Looking at the “Postpartum Guided Journal: A Day by Day Journal Prompts to Support New Moms During The First Six Weeks of Motherhood”, we see that the seller has charged $6.98 per book. With 97 sales at 95 pages, the Amazon KDP royalties calculator indicates that the seller is earning $2.04 per book. This shows profitability of $197.88.

Meanwhile, with “The New Mom Prayer & Wellbeing Journal: A Guided Prayer Journal for Nourishing Self-Care to Be A Happy, Healthy Mom”, the seller’s price is $8.95. At 190 sales and 189 pages, the royalties earned by this seller amount to $2.25 per book sold. This results in $427.50 in profits.

As a result, by entering this niche, you can earn from nearly $200.00 upwards to around $500.00. This is a great way of ensuring your Amazon KDP side gig works for you.

Our recommendations

As a seller looking to enter this niche, we extracted some of the best practices from current bestsellers to help you achieve success. Here’s what you need to know.

When it comes to listing optimization, it’s vital that you use low-competition, high search volume keywords within this niche. Then, optimize them in the title and the description while sounding natural. Some of the top performing keywords in this niche are “new moms” and “moms”. Try to steer away from higher BSR, low search volume keywords such as “motherhood” because these capture a wider audience and are not necessarily related to the new moms niche. Instead, they focus on motherhood in general and this can span across a woman’s entire lifetime. So, be sure to really focus on the right keywords.

You should also carefully consider what price you’re charging for your products. The best advice we can give is to go for the average price in this niche, which is $9.71. As a result, new mom low-content books should be priced under the $10 mark if you want to be successful. However, try not to go below $5.00 for two reasons. One, your royalty earnings will be extremely low. And two, you will signal that your book is of a low quality.

Regarding the design, be sure to apply both a text and a visual element on your cover, centering the titles and using hierarchical design principles. Use appropriate colors such as gentle blues and browns to speak to the female audience you’re targeting.

Finally, try to generate more positive reviews and higher ratings with а strong customer service. These reviews and ratings will signal to other customers that your product is worth the buy and will encourage them to make the purchase. Although not directly related to sales, they act as social proof that your product is worthwhile and that it’s worth buying.

In conclusion

The new motherhood niche can be considered a lucrative market as new moms look for ways to either de-stress or to capture special moments with their newborn baby.

When entering this niche, it’s vital to do solid research so that you don’t overlap with major searches for keywords such as “motherhood” but stick to more narrow ones like “new moms” and others.

Planners, journals, and notebooks are the most popular low-content book types so ensure that you stay within these categories.

And as a final recommendation, we highly encourage you to use Book Bolt’s various modules to help you gain a stronger foothold in the market and to better inform your research process. For only $9.99 per month, this is the lowest investment you can make in your Amazon KDP side gig while having access to millions of insights at your fingertips.

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