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No-content books on Amazon KDP are one of the easiest products to create. They require a minimum amount of time, effort, and writing skills. No-content books stand out from the rest with their extremely limited content. Usually, they come with a catchy book cover and empty sheets designed to be used for different purposes. Two of the no-content book categories that you can profit from as a Seller are music sheets and sketch books. But before you enter the niche blindfolded, it’s worth exploring the category in detail.

Let’s find out how popular these niches are, what the top performers from the space are doing, and how you can get your hands on the pot of honey.

How Popular Are Music Sheets And Sketch Books On Amazon KDP?

The first thing to consider about a new category before making an entrance is its popularity. To determine how popular a niche is, there are two main factors to look at – search volume and competition. The search volume will reveal how many users are searching for category-related keywords. And the number of listings present on Amazon KDP will indicate the level of competition by enumerating the products available for sale in the category.

When it comes to music sheets, there are more than 400 bestsellers that we discovered using Book Bolt’s Cloud tool. For sketch books, the tool provided data on 218 top-performers. We also ran a search using KDP Spy to see how many listings came up on Amazon KDP. For both categories, there were more than 100 listings. From these insights, we can conclude that the categories are popular enough to grab your attention as a Seller.

In addition, both music sheets and sketch books come with a substantial search volume. Here are the search volume details for the basic keywords, along with other, related keywords:

  • Music sheets – 7,372
  • Music sheet music – 9,237
  • Music sheets – 7,372
  • Sheet music – 3,967
  • Sketch book – 267,598
  • Sketch books – 279,730

Sketch books clearly dominate in terms of search volume. In other words, there are more users searching for sketch books when compared to music sheets. However, one thing we should note is that according to Book Bolt, all of the mentioned above keywords come with high competition. What this means is that a ton of other Sellers are also striving to rank for them. To stay ahead of the pack, you’ll need to design a solid strategy.

A Look Into Some Of The Bestsellers From The Category

So, what makes music sheets and sketch books sell on Amazon KDP? The easiest way to find out is to look at some of the chart-toppers. By examining a few top-performing listings, you can easily spot recurring patterns that contribute to high sales volumes. Let’s dive into a few real-life examples.

Music sheets

The number one Seller in the music sheets category is the “Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids: A Beginners First Book of Easy to Play Classics | 40 Songs (Beginner Piano Books for Children)” listing. The product sells for $8 and has a BSR of 2,422. Its estimated monthly sales number is 513, meaning that it lands a decent amount of income for its Seller. What’s interesting to observe here is the use of keywords.

We can see some profitable keywords standing out, like “piano”, “sheet music”, “classics”, “beginner”, and “children”. Clearly, the target audience is children who are beginners in piano. The book cover is catchy and suitable for the piano niche. It contains piano keys, uses bold red color, and easy to read fonts.

Another example is the “Classical Piano Sheet Music | 60 Famous Solos | Composed By: Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, … Scriabin, Liszt, Vivaldi, Grieg and More” listing. A bit pricier, the product is sold for $14.97 and generates around 495 sales per month. Its current BSR is 2,811. Again, we can see the use of keywords like “piano”, “classical”, and “sheet music”. However, the difference here is that the Seller has also utilized additional keywords like “Mozart”, “Chopin”, “Beethoven”, “Bach”, and other eminent composers.

This strategy helps the listing appear in search results for users looking for these names. Put differently, the listing enjoys more visibility.

Sketch books

Do the bestsellers from the sketch book category have similar characteristics? Let’s find out.

The smash-hit from the space is the “Sketchbook: Cute Unicorn On Pink Glitter Effect Background, Large Blank Sketchbook For Girls, 110 Pages, 8.5″ x 11″, For Drawing, Sketching & Crayon Coloring (Kids Drawing Books)” listing. It’s priced at $7, has a BSR of 9,833 and lands around 399 monthly sales. The book cover design is extremely girly and cute, just like the title of the product suggests. The Seller has used pink colors, a colorful unicorn image, and glitter. The listing is targeted specifically at girls via the use of keywords. It includes valuable keywords such as “sketchbook”, “drawing”, “crayon coloring”, and “kids”.

A second example of the success stories in the sketch book category is the “Fashion Sketchbook Figure Template: 455 Large Female Figure Template for easily Sketching Your Fashion Design Styles with thin lines” listing. With a price of $9.19 and a BSR of 40,451, the listing scores around 292 on a monthly basis. The difference here is that the niche is even more narrow, with a specific audience from the fashion space. It’s clear that this Seller knows what they’re doing since they employ targeted keywords such as “sketching”, “fashion sketchbook”, “fashion design”, and others. The design is also adapted to fit the audience, with pink colors and images of fashion sketches.

By analyzing these top-selling listings, you have the opportunity to pinpoint certain practices that make a difference in performance. You can exploit them and adapt them to your personal Seller strategy on Amazon KDP. This will allow you to transform your no-content books into hot Sellers.

Tips On How To Enter The Niche Like A Pro

To help you enter the music sheet and sketch book category with confidence, we’ve summarized the top tips that you can employ in your strategy.

Niche down

As we saw when exploring the top-selling products from the categories, niches matter. The main reason is that they empower you to reach a particular audience looking for specific products. In addition, the more niche a product is, the less competition it will have. Why? Because the majority of Sellers tend to strive to gain an advantage in extremely popular spaces, where all the buyers are. Although this may work for highly experienced Sellers, beginners and intermediary merchants might find this approach quite challenging.

Some of the most popular niches we identified throughout our research include:

Music sheets – piano, guitar, level-based (beginner, expert)

Sketch books – children, fashion, anime or movie-based, unicorns

Designing no-content books around these niches will give you the opportunity to stay ahead of the pack.

Choose the right themes

When speaking of themes, we can explore characteristics like fonts, colors, design and others. For music sheets, it’s best to use book cover colors like blue or green. It’s also a good idea to include images of the musical instrument that the music sheets are for.

This will help users immediately detect whether the product is relevant to their search or not. In addition, make sure the fonts you use are minimalistic and easy to read.

Target the audience directly

The music sheet and sketch book categories can be targeted at a wide range of different audiences. What’s most important is that you instantly reveal who the product is created for in your title. Use germane keywords like “adult”, “kids”, “children”, “boys”, “girls”, “women”, and “men”.

You can be even more detailed by targeting the listing at different levels of experience, like beginners, intermediaries, and experts. By doing this, more customer groups will be able to discover your listings. As a result, the chances of scoring a sale will increase.

Optimize your listings with relevant keywords

As mentioned earlier, keywords will help you target a specific audience. They will also enable your listings to rank higher in search results. When a user starts looking for products on Amazon, the first thing they do is type a keyword into the search box.

You’ll want to make sure your listings are among the first results they see. Why? Because this will reward you with more traffic, which you can convert into sales. Research the market well and use highly searched keywords with low competition.

Choose an appropriate pricing strategy

Last but not least, make sure your products are priced according to the market standards. The best strategy is to find the average price in the niche or category and offer something close to buyers. Of course, your pricing strategy will vary based on your level of experience and objectives.

Wrapping Up

Music sheets and sketch books are one of the profitable no-content book categories that you can take advantage of as a Seller. By using Book Bolt, we’ve segmented down the two niches to unearth what makes listings successful and what other Sellers are doing.

You can use this information to your advantage. Incorporate the insights provided by the software into your strategy.

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