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Nursing notebooks are no-content books for nurses and nursing students.

According to Book Bolt, they have an average best-seller’s rank (BSR) of 658,730, which is considerably low.

In fact, the top seller in this niche has not only made 279 sales but has a BSR of 47,160.

To determine the market size, bestseller practices, and how you can compete effectively in this niche, keep reading below.

How big is the market for nursing notebooks?

Looking at the top five bestsellers with the help of Book Bolt’s Products Search module, we see a total of 1,252 sales distributed relatively evenly between them. This number of sales is high, making the niche worth considering.

To explore the market even further, we examine the keywords used by buyers to search for these notebooks and their associated search volume.

Keywords and search volume

Book Bolt tells us that in this niche, there are a total of 48 keywords and longtail keywords related to nursing-related searches. Some of the most sought-after keywords and their search volume are the following:

  • “Nursing”: search volume – 208,102
  • “Nurses”: search volume – 38,814
  • “Nurse”: search volume – 28,019
  • “For nurses”: search volume – 11,305
  • “For nurse”: search volume – 9,605
  • “Nursing gifts for nurses”: search volume – 3,223
  • “Nurse to be”: search volume – 2,632
  • “Nursing notebooks for nurses”: search volume – 2,537
  • “Nursing books for nurses”: search volume – 2,096

From these keywords, we can make a couple of interesting deductions. The total search volume for “nursing”, “nurses”, and “nurse” is over 250,000, which is incredibly high. This means that there is an active search for such products.

To break this search up even further, the words “for nurses” and “for nurse”, which have a combined search volume of over 20,000, indicate that these products are geared either to nurses or nursing students looking to buy these books for themselves or as gifts.

This is well-illustrated with the “nursing gift for nurses” search query with a search volume of over 3,000.

Nursing students, or “nurse to be”, also feature prominently in the search results, indicating that these students are also actively searching for nurse-related products.

Finally, the last two keywords indicate a combined search volume of just over 4,000 words where notebooks and books in particular are being sought after. Although these are longtail keywords, they do tell us that there is indeed a search for nursing notebooks and that this high search volume means significant demand.

This is well illustrated by the fact mentioned earlier about the top five nursing notebook sellers earning over 1,200 sales combined.

Keyword saturation

With the market-side of nursing notebooks covered, we now look at the seller-side of this niche.

What keywords are sellers actively using to reach their nursing audience?

Here is the keyword saturation that extracts the main keywords from the titles of these types of listings.

  • Audience type: nurse (166) nursing (152), nurses (62), students (29), student (16), registered (5), practitioner (5)
  • No-content book type: notebook (126), report (73), sheet (41), blank (40), notes (40), template (33), notepad (11), note (10), templates (10), lined (7), large (4), notebookworkbook (4)
  • Purpose of the product: gifts (49), gift (42), appreciation (22), graduation (12), organize (7)
  • Related keywords: medical (18), patient (17), medsurg (16), pharmacology (15), hospice (15), surgical (12), LPN (11), ICU (11), medication (11), care (8), pathophysiology (8), disease (8) MDS (7), NICU (7), health (5)

The keyword saturation tends to mirror what we established in the earlier section. Namely, that the main audience in this niche is either registered nurses or nursing students.

The no-content book type indicates the highest usage of the word “notebook” in sellers’ listing titles. This is followed by other descriptions of the types of notebooks offered, including “blank”, “lined”, and “large”.

As discovered above, there is a high search volume for nursing gifts and this is made evident by the purpose of the product with the words “gifts”, “gift”, and “appreciation” appearing over 100 times in seller titles. This means that quite a number of sellers are catering to audiences searching for gifts for nurses.

Finally, the related keywords indicate what a medical nurse might be looking for. From patient records to pharmacology and pathophysiology, these terms are relevant to their industry. Writing in a notebook that caters to these terms will be beneficial to nurses. And this is what makes the product so appealing across a broad audience.


Because pricing is such an important sales factor, we also explored the lowest, highest, and average prices in this niche. Here’s what we found:

  • Lowest price: $3.79
  • Highest price: $15.99
  • Average price $7.05

Based on this, sellers pricing in the region of $7 will be well positioned to take advantage of the high search volume in this niche.

What are some of the best-selling merchants doing right?

Two bestsellers and their products that are making waves in this niche include:

ALMOMARID Publishing: “Nursing Pharmacology Notebook: Blank Medication Template Notebook for Nursing Students, 120 Pages”

Brain Sheet Publishing: “Nurse Report Sheet Notebook: Nursing Report Sheets Notebook”

Let’s take a look at some of their best practices to see what you can emulate.

Keyword usage

Both product titles are considerably short but are packed with powerful keywords such as “for nursing students”, “nurse”, and “nursing”. This indicates who the intended audience is.

Further important takeaways we can gather from these listing titles is that they use related medical terminology such as “pharmacology” and “report sheets” to cater and add value to their audience.

Finally, both sellers have specifically used the word “notebook” to indicate what purpose the product is intended for. Whether it’s a lined notebook or one with templates (as is the case with the first seller), audiences can immediately figure out what the interior of the book will showcase.


We mentioned earlier that pricing in the region of $7 for this niche is the right strategy. And that’s exactly what these sellers have done. Whereas ALMOMARID Publishing has priced their 120-pages notebook at $5.98, Brain Sheet Publishing has priced at $6.99.

Cover design

Although the color scheme of these books differs with one being pink and the other predominantly black, we see that these nursing notebook covers contain a preview of the books’ interiors. This means that there are no frills and fuss on the cover. Instead, they are just a preview of the interior so that audiences can choose whether the interior will be useful for them or not.

What is the profitability within this niche?

To determine the profitability within this niche, we headed over to the Amazon KDP royalties calculator. We then entered the page numbers and asking price and multiplied the royalties by the total number of sales. As such, we get the following levels of profitability for each of our two bestsellers:

  • ALMOMARID Publishing: $349.70
  • Brain Sheet Publishing: $527.31

From this, we can see that there is profitability within this niche with little effort required.

Our recommendations

To make the most out of this niche and to absolutely kill it in terms of sales, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Keywords: when it comes to optimizing your title, make sure to use the words “nurse”, “nurses”, or “for nurse(s)”. In addition, specify that the book is in fact a notebook.
  • Price: it’s vital to not over- or underprice your products. So stick around the average mark of $7.
  • Cover design: if your interior is intricate and detailed, use a preview function for your cover. You can always make it pretty by adding a colorful border. But ultimately, your audience needs to know what they are getting.
  • Advertising: finally, think about advertising your book on the Amazon KDP platform. This will get more eyes on your nursing notebooks and help you generate more sales.

Final remarks

Whether as a gift or a self-purchase, nursing notebooks are hot. The audience is large. You’re dealing with both students and registered nursing practitioners.

Crucially, carving your way into this niche will be a breeze if you just follow the strategies outlined above.

Most importantly, don’t forget to use Book Bolt to help you with your research process. It’s a steal at only $9.99 per month. And it can help you publish and sell that much faster.

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