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It’s a given that selecting niches, sub-niches, and micro-niches on Amazon KDP is good for business. This methodology targets and segments a Seller’s customer base more effectively as you’re better able to cater to specific needs. Religion-themed no- and low-content books are no different. This is a niche with sub- and micro-niches that is worth exploring because the demand is substantial.

Here’s why.

Market Size Of Religion-Themed No- And Low-Content Books On Amazon KDP

Using Book Bolt’s “Cloud” tool, we embarked on a search for religion-themed no- and low-content books to explore the lay of the land.

Interestingly enough, typing in the broad keyword “religion” yielded no results. The possible reason for this is that no Sellers have yet used this keyword in their listings, which – right from the outset – signals that there’s an opportunity for Sellers to get involved. The same was true for the keywords “Hanukkah” or “Jewish”, aimed at Jewish buyers, “Islam”, aimed at Muslim customers, “Buddha” aimed at a Buddhist audience, or even books with the keywords “Krishna” or ”Hindu”.

On the other hand, in the Christian category, we searched for the keyword “Bible”. This yielded a total of six results among the top 100. The lowest price is at $7.77, the average price is $8.60, and the highest price is $10.94. The average best-sellers rank (BSR) is around 155,658. Meanwhile, the main types of books that these items appear in are in the no-content notebook category.

We delved a bit deeper into the Christian theme and found that the keyword “Christian” yielded three results, whereas “God” yielded a total of 29. The lowest price for the books in the former category is $4.99, the average price is $7.31, and the highest price is $8.99. The average BSR stands at 322,042 in the notebook category once again. Meanwhile, in the latter category, we see a lowest price of $3.86, an average price of $7.99, and the highest price at $11.97. Books with the keyword “God” in their title and description have an average BSR of 192,677. They are usually found in the coloring book category.

What Are The Main Religions To Target?

Based on the above, we were able to conclude that buyers are actively purchasing Christianity-related no- and low-content books on Amazon KDP. As mentioned earlier, the fact that there were no results for Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu-related products means that there’s room for exploration. In essence, this is an untapped market that can be taken advantage of.

By catering to these sub-niches and even going as deep as a micro-niche, a Seller is more likely to hit the mark with an unutilized as yet audience. Furthermore, just because these keywords don’t make it to the top 100 list, doesn’t mean there aren’t any such books, that there’s no demand, or that there are no sales.

Let’s take a closer look.

What Is The Most Popular Religion-Themed Low-Content Book Category?

We see some interesting results for religion-themed books in the no and low-content book category. In particular, we find results for coloring, activity, and puzzle books. Many of these are aimed at adults, which means that the children’s category is currently underexplored.

Coloring Books

A total of 62 results appeared when searching for coloring books with the word “Bible” in them. The average BSR for such books is 204,053. Meanwhile, the lowest price is at $3.69, the average price is $7.67, and the highest price is $11.97. The top Seller in this category is ColoKara. Their book “Bible Verse Coloring Book For Adult: God’s Promises For You 2 | Color as You Reflect on God’s Words to You (Bible Verse Coloring Book For Adults)” was first published in May 2020. This particular item goes for $10.00 with a low BSR of just 14,951. The Seller makes approximately 360 monthly sales.

Activity Books

As for activity books featuring the word “God”, we see that author Tiny Expressions LLC is the top Seller here. The title of their book is “A Coloring & Activity Book for Girls: God Made Me Special!: 30 Pages of Bible Verses and Christian Images for Kids to Color”. First published in February 2021, ratings-wise, the Seller has received 247 stars to date. The book is priced at $8.00 and has a low BSR of 7,621. The Seller’s estimated monthly sales are a nice figure of 420. No pricing strategy has been adopted by the author as of yet.

Puzzle Books

No results were found for the keyword “God” in the puzzle book category. However, the top Seller for the keyword “Bible” is Sara J. Daniels. This Seller has created the following product: “WORD SEARCH BIBLE VERSE FOR WOMEN: 101 Puzzles for Seniors and Adults. A Perfect Gift to Keep Mind Active and Feed It with Positive Thoughts”. This item was first published in April 2021 and has received 195 ratings. Pricing their book at $9.99, this product has an extremely low BSR of only 3,327. On average, around 485 sales of this low-content book are made each month.

What Is The Most Popular Religion-Themed No-Content Book Category?

Moving onto the no-content book category, we also see some interesting results. The most popular entries are spread out across a variety of different categories of books including notebooks, journals, and more.


Perhaps one of the freshest items on the Amazon KDP marketplace, being launched as recently as April 30th 2022, we see that author Luisa Rodriguez has created the “Armor of God Kids Notebook for Girls”. She has definitely tapped into the children’s niche with a non-religious affiliation book as it could work for practically any religion that believes in God. The Seller has chosen to price their product at $5.99 and has made 185 sales over the past two-week period, which is impressive to say the least. The BSR, although it may appear high at 186,700, is actually quite competitive. There has not been enough time for this book to be on the market in order to determine the Seller’s pricing strategy. Although given that the average for this category is $7.88 and the lowest at $4.99, the Seller has certainly chosen to price somewhere in between.


Elizabeth Crowley is the author of the “Prayer Journal For Women: 52 Week Scripture, Guided Prayer Notebook For Women Of God”. Ratings-wise, compared to the other no- and low-content books, this product has received a whopping 5,070 ratings since September 2020 when the book was first launched. It goes for a nice $6.99 and has an even better low BSR of only 544. Crowley makes approximately 652 sales per month.


The final contender in the no-content book category is “2022-2026 Five Year Planner But with God All Things are Possible: 60 Months Calendar for Christian | 5 Year Monthly Appointment Schedule Organizer … Birthday Log and More | Floral Cover Design”. This item was created by author Belinda M. Brown, who started selling in June 2021. With a price of $8.33, Brown gets an estimated 124 sales per month. The BSR stands at 277,908.

Our Advice To Sellers

You don’t need to be religious to create religious-themed no- and low-content books. Once you recognize the strength of this niche, you might not look back.

Some key takeaways we can offer is to look at the children’s category because this is as yet underexplored. What’s more, the keywords for religions other than Christianity are not used to their full potential.

With top Sellers making a few hundred sales per month, this is certainly an opportunity not to be missed. Also worth noting is that there are very few logbooks, trackers, or sketchbooks (if any) with a religious theme. So, once again, this is another aspect to consider.

Lastly, 4 out of the 6 top performers identified in our search have included “girls” or “women” in the title of their listings. This indicates a conscious choice by the Seller to target the female audience. Given the fact that these items are best Sellers in their respective category, one can conclude that optimizing your products to match demand from this particular gender, can yield desirable results.

In Closing

Overall, it seems that the religion-themed market for no- and low-content books is largely untapped. Sellers that are currently serving a Christian market are coining it and you can, too.

There are a plethora of religions, and you can cater to both children and adults through categories such as puzzle, activity, coloring books, and more. Use Book Bolt’s Cloud tool to help you identify top-sellers and their winning strategies. It’s an indispensable tool to help you check out the competition and see where you can make a high-value offering.

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