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There are a lot of different ways to find inspiration for the products that you are making or planning to create for online publishing. But what about when you have it all set and need to get the word out there about how new and exciting your work is? Well, we’re pretty sure you’ve considered many of the typical methods. But have you considered using a platform like Pinterest to promote your light-content books? Let’s take a look at what a site like Pinterest has to offer the low-to-no content publisher.

Pinterest is totally free and a fantastic method to promote your books. And not just something as simple as pinning the cover of your book straight from Amazon and hoping someone notices. This can be a very powerful tool for you to use, but it is a big step forward. That being said, we’re sure anyone can master the techniques and get Pinterest to work for them.

Pinterest: More a Search Engine Than Digital Vision Board

If you run a blog or operate a website, you presumably already know how effective Pinterest can be in promoting your content. It used to be just a huge site where people would bookmark their favorite stuff. People still use it as a search engine today to find advice, solutions, and other information. However, Pinterest is brand-new ground for publishers of thin material. It’s more of a search engine than a social media platform.

Graphical user interface, application, Teams Description automatically generated People are using Pinterest to shop, similar to Amazon. If your book is just what they’re looking for, you’ve got a sale right away. No need to hustle for followers or worry about “likes” or comments.

Beyond The Cover: Show the Source of Your Ideas

Also, Pinterest has a lot of pictures and visuals aid sales. Because Pinterest takes great pleasure in its pins, authors who have attractive book covers already have content that is ideal for the site. It is the ideal platform for promoting whatever visual elements your book may have, such as graphics, still from videos, demos, or other visual components. It’s also like a bonus website for you that you do not have to pay for.

Pinterest is about much more than just promoting your book; it’s about highlighting everything that interests you and serves as an inspiration for your work. This allows authors to create boards about their favorite books, authors, businesses, and blogs that serve as inspiration for their writing. Your pins can help people find you in a variety of ways.

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How It Works

So how does one market using Pinterest effectively? First off, don’t only utilize your personal account on Pinterest; use it for your business as well.

Start with at least ten to fifteen boards and aim for at least twenty pins on each board. It’s okay if some are yours and some are re-pins or pins from other sites. Find people who are enthusiastic about the genres and subjects of the books you are producing, and follow a couple of them daily.

Using the Pinterest for Chrome software, save photographs of your books from Amazon, but change the pin description to something more dynamic and attractive to potential customers (you know who you are trying to reach, so reach out to them the right way). You can also utilize programs like Canva to create lots of distinctive pins for each book, then post the final output to Pinterest.

Make your pin descriptions distinct and incorporate the keywords you use for your books. You don’t have to use a scheduling tool; hand pinning is quick and simple, and Pinterest will never ban or punish you. That said, be judicious about it: don’t do it so much that you might be flagged as a spammer.

You can also make marketing choices using the information from your Pinterest analytics. Through book sales and analytics, you may determine which pins are the most popular. You’ll discover that certain pins perform significantly better than others. Once you’ve identified what draws visitors to your website, capitalize on it!

The burden of needing to create new content several times each day is one of the greatest concerns authors have about using social media sites. Without having to worry about always coming up with new content, Pinterest makes it quite simple to reach a new audience.

There is Pinterest training available out there, but the occasional problem with that training is that it’s sometimes out of current style and functionality, and is typically targeted at bloggers and website owners because things change so quickly. More often than not, the trainings are up to date and definitely applicable to low-content publishing. Absolutely something you might want to look into deeper (far past the point of this introduction to the concept) and see if it’s a method you would like to know more about.

A Rich Source of Inspiration for You and Your Audience

But why should you really think about pinning your books? Another reason is that people use Pinterest to look for advice, concepts, and answers.

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You might be surprised to learn that your books can be all three of these things to such readers.

For example, you could compile a journal on a trending subject (like, a daily planner, for instance) and provide advice all through it. Journals that assist people in organizing their ideas, or ideas they find on websites like Pinterest, can be made.

The creation of a diary to address a specific issue is possible; examples include budget trackers, wedding planners, and health and wellness trackers.

Once writers understand how Pinterest can be used to sell their books as well as direct users to relevant content on their blog, social media, and brand, they may wonder how they ever lived without it.

When trying to market your work, you should rule nothing out. Anything that is established can be an aid to you, and Pinterest is clearly well established. Your teaming up with the Amazon platform remains a great start, and you can expand that. With just the marketing that Amazon does for you plus your own incredible keyword research and targeting, you can publish books on Amazon and generate sales and ads can be used to promote your books. Getting the word out about it will only increase your potential in this field.

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