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Organizing a wedding involves many people, and one of the core customs is to exchange gifts before the big day.

A unique and practical idea is to offer wedding-related no- and low-content books.

If you’re an Amazon KDP seller looking to capitalize on this demand, beware. The competition is high, meaning you’ll need all the insights you can get for a strong start.

Below, we help you make all the right choices. We explore the market for no- and low-content books sold as wedding gifts, offering ideas for lucrative sub-niches and categories.

Best-performing categories of no- and low-content books sold as wedding gifts

We performed our in-depth research into the wedding gift category on Amazon KDP with Book Bolt.

Using the Products Search module, we conducted a quick experiment.

As a launching pad, we entered the keyword “wedding gifts” in the search box. We chose the US as the marketplace and selected the “General” category. This gave us an average best-seller’s rank (BSR) of 11,116, which is extremely low, indicating high sales potential.

However, a closer look into the data reveals that there is only one bestseller here with 60 sales.

The remaining top 100 book creators land only one sale per item.

We refined the search process by slightly altering our keyword to the singular form “wedding gift”.

This time, the BSR of all displayed listings is 129,328. Although the average BSR is much higher than for “wedding gifts”, many of the listings score more than 100 sales.

This discovery proves that products optimized for “wedding gift” perform much better than those targeting “wedding gifts”.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

Underneath the main “wedding gift” market, there are diverse book categories and sub-niches that dominate.

Let’s explore them in detail.

Best-performing categories

According to Book Bolt, some of the top-performing wedding-related categories include:

  • Lined notebooks for grooms
  • Wedding coloring activity books for children
  • Bride-to-be journals bought as engagement gifts
  • Wedding planner books and organizers for the bride (also as an engagement gift)

Analyzing the key metrics behind each category, we detected that lined notebooks for grooms are the bestselling wedding gifts on Amazon KDP.

Now, let’s explore the BSR of the chart-topper in this domain. We’ll also examine the monthly search volume and keyword saturation in the niche.

Best-seller’s rank (BSR)

Using Book Bolt’s Cloud tool, we found that the lined notebook for grooms with the lowest BSR is “Wedding Shit: 6×9 120 Page Blank Lined Notebook- for the involved groom. Travel size notebook to write down wedding details. Great engagement gift.”.

The product has a Best Sellers Rank of 288,639.

The remaining four items have a BSR that averages around 500,000.

Although this category doesn’t stand out with the highest sales potential of all Amazon KDP markets, it’s still worth pursuing.

Search volume

Book Bolt’s Products Search module has a nifty feature that helps discover the keywords with the highest buyer search volume on Amazon KDP.

The most relevant and most searched-for phrases in the wedding gift arena are:

  • “Wedding gift” – 81,557
  • “Gag wedding gift” – 9,128
  • “Groom wedding gift” – 5,930
  • “Gift log wedding” – 5,499
  • “Gift tracker wedding” – 4,132
  • “Funny wedding gift” – 4,060
  • “Before wedding gift” – 2,346
  • “Journal wedding gift” – 1,989
  • “Wedding planner gift” – 1,337

Next to each keyword, you can see its monthly search volume.

While there are multiple variations, gag and groom wedding gifts account for the most searches, after the main keyword “wedding gift”.

The latter has an incredible search volume of over 80k.

Also important to note is that these gifts are usually given before a wedding. In addition, they are often humorous and entertaining.

Acknowledging these details can help you craft the perfect covers and interiors.

Keyword saturation

Next, we explore the keyword saturation in the no- and low-content wedding gifts market.

To make our findings easy to digest, we’ve categorized them into several sections.

Take a look below:

  • Seed keywords: wedding (821), engagement (38), shower (31), anniversary (31)
  • Type of no- and low-content book: planner (283), book (162), notebook (86), journal (58), log (42)
  • Purpose of the product: gift (200), planning (128), plan (74), organizer (71), gifts (37), track (33)
  • Adjectives: perfect (85), great (54)
  • Product functions: guest (84), list (82), budget (67), notes (46), details (46), seating (42), coloring (39), checklist (38), checklists (36), worksheets (27)
  • Target audience: bride (68), party (43), bridal (42), kids (41), groom (28), officiant (26), couples (22)

What we gather here is the following.

These no-content and low-content books primarily cater to wedding planning activities. Their main purpose is to aid brides and grooms in organizing their big day.

Given as gifts, they also serve multiple functions. Some of the most popular include preparing the guest list, setting the budget, noting down important details, arranging the seating, and more.

You’ll notice that the majority of products are aimed at brides. Grooms aren’t featured as high on the list. However, the bestseller in the wedding gift no- and low-content book space directly targets grooms.

This insight suggests that while most sellers are focusing on brides, those who create products for grooms are likely to see more profitability.

Pricing: Royalties and profitability

The best way to determine the profitability of a niche is to inspect its lowest, highest, and average prices.

In the wedding gift niche, these are:

  • Lowest price: $3.23
  • Highest price: $249.16
  • Average price: $13.77

Let’s go back to the wedding gift bestseller in the lined notebook space that we discussed above.

We take a closer look at the listing to observe its pricing strategy and profitability.

  • Title: Wedding Shit: 6×9 120 Page Blank Lined Notebook- for the involved groom. Travel size notebook to write down wedding details. Great engagement gift.
  • Author: GG Wedding Notebooks
  • Price: $6.99
  • BSR: 288,639
  • Sales: 124

Instantly, it becomes clear that this seller prices their product at nearly half of the average price. But how rewarding is this tactic?

Using Amazon KDP’s royalties calculator, we established the returns for each sale. In this case, the number is $1.75.

Multiplying this result by a total of 124 sales gives us a profitability of $217. For most sellers, this isn’t considered a fruitful gain, even for a side gig.

Undoubtedly, there is room for improvement.

For example, charging the average price of $13.77 would increase the royalties per sale to $5.82. In this scenario, the total profitability for the same number of sales would be $721.68, which is considerably better.

Best practices

To cash in on the wedding niche on Amazon KDP, it’s essential to apply all of the above findings in real life.

We’ve prepared a succinct summary of best practices and key takeaways to guide you.


Keywords are the quintessential ingredient for a successful listing.

That’s why using high-search volume keywords across titles and descriptions is a must.

Earlier, we noted that the bestseller in this category uses the highest search-volume keyword in their title, which is an excellent practice.

In addition, their listing is optimized for phrases related to the audience (in this case – grooms). This is another strong move.

Incorporate these keyword techniques into your own sales strategy and watch your rankings improve.

Cover design

Contrary to popular belief, putting together a wedding no- or low-content book gift doesn’t have to be a challenge.

The bestseller in this category uses a 6×9 inch cover that has an entirely black background.

As for the design? There isn’t any.

The title of the product simply says “wedding shit”.

This immediately signals the humorous nature of the product, making it appealing to many grooms.

Sometimes, simplicity is the best approach. Being effective doesn’t always require choosing the fancier option.


From our bestseller analysis, we can conclude that setting a price that is near the average in the market is the most guaranteed strategy.

The above example demonstrates how a price increase can lead to immediate revenue growth. The encouraging aspect is that maintaining a price close to the median rate ensures you remain competitive

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we’ve delved into the most popular niche within the wedding gift category on Amazon KDP, which intriguingly targets grooms. This niche presents a promising opportunity worth considering.

For those looking to explore this avenue, there’s one final recommendation we can make: use Book Bolt for your research process.

It’s not only a dirt-cheap resource. It’s also incredibly effective.

For only $9.99 a month, Book Bolt provides access to deeper insights, helping you navigate with clarity and refine your sales strategies, rather than groping in the dark or relying on guesswork.

Why not try it today?

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