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The beauty of selling low-content or no-content books on Amazon KDP is that you can never run out of strategies to up your game. It’s a profitable side gig that you can, without a doubt, turn into a full-fledged business. However, not all Sellers enjoy the pink glass view and there’s one reason why – their listings are not optimized.

Regardless of how outstanding your book designs are, they won’t sell unless you optimize your listings with the right keywords.

To help KDP Sellers climb up the ladder and get their products across to more people, we decided to take a deep dive into some serious keyword research and present the results.

Why are we doing this?

Because the most popular and top-performing keywords can be game-changers for your strategy as an Amazon KDP Seller.

So let’s see what we dug up.

The Top Keywords On Amazon KDP

In order to get the full picture, it’s worth dividing the top keywords into category-related keywords and niche-related keywords. This systemization will offer varied information that is essential for you as a Seller, as we’ll find out in a moment.

Frequently Used Category-Related Keywords

As you know, when you start creating your low- or no-content books, the first thing you have to do is decide on a category. You have the full freedom to create puzzle books, journals, planners, and a ton of other formats. But which ones are the most popular and which ones will lead to more sales?

By looking into Book Bolt’s insights, we explored the best-sellers from each book category to discover how many times category-related keywords were used in listings. We found out that the category-related keywords that stand out are coloring, guest, log, music, puzzle, and activity. For example, the word “coloring” was used 230 times among the best-selling products in the category coloring books. On the other hand, the word “guest” was used 143 times.

What does this tell us?

It signifies that Sellers are actively promoting products from these popular categories while others, like drawing books or comic books, are left in the shade. This is not to say that you can’t create a successful drawing book or comic book. However, you’ll probably need to tie it in with a trendy niche to make it easily discoverable by buyers on Amazon KDP.

Most Searched-For Niche-Related Keywords

Things get even more interesting when we look at the keywords that buyers most often search for in relation to a specific niche. Here’s a list of some of the most searched for niche-related keywords on Amazon KDP along with their search volume:

  • Mouse – 2 623 008
  • Gifts – 2 624 528
  • Summer- 2 623 423
  • Unicorns 2 623 214
  • Dog – 2 622 608
  • Babies – 2 621 138
  • Kids – ​​2 620 967
  • Beach – 2 581 690
  • Women’s – 2 579 365
  • Easter – 2 579 200
  • Showers – 2 577 586
  • Men’s – 2 576 991

The Top Niches On Amazon KDP

To be able to understand how to use keywords to your advantage, it’s also worth investigating the types of niches that buyers are most interested in on Amazon KDP. This is crucial as niching down is the key to enjoying more sales and higher returns. Why is this so important? Because you’ll be targeting a specific group of buyers thereby establishing a customer base and gaining advantage over other Sellers on the platform who go wide.

Having this in mind, the most popular niches on Amazon KDP include movies, special events like birthdays, baby showers, or others, animals, holiday-related themes, seasonal themes, and age-related themes.

You may be wondering how all of this relates to self-publishing low-content or no-content books. Well, say you’re only creating a lined journal with zero content inside. Clearly, you won’t be relying on creative stories or grabbing content to make a sale. What makes this product attractive is the niche you’ve chosen to present on the cover. For instance, we’ll see in a minute that dogs, unicorns, and others work exceptionally well.

The Most Popular Keywords According To Niche

Let us now segment things down and see what the most popular keywords are when it comes to a specific niche.

Why is this process important? Because it can help you bring your selling strategy to the next level.

Choosing a niche is a terrific first step. But the best way to design your books is by considering the most searched for keywords from the niche. This will guarantee that your products are easily found by potential buyers, increasing your chances of making more sales.

For example, the top keywords in the animal niche are “dog”, “mouse”, “unicorns” (if we can define them as animals), and “cats”. Let’s see a full top-selling niche list with the specific keywords that are most popular in each:

  • Holiday-related – Easter, Halloween decorations, Santa
  • Seasonal – summer, beach
  • Age/sex-related – women’s, men’s, kids, babies
  • Movies – generally the most popular family films at any given time (they may be popular, but do NOT do these)
  • Special events – gifts, baby showers, birthday, anniversaries, graduations

Keep in mind that the top-performing keywords in a niche can change over time. For example, Easter-related keywords are bound to jump in search volume towards April but may not be so popular towards the end of the year, when keywords like “Santa” are likely to be more commonly searched for.

And let’s not forget that you won’t be the only one optimizing your listings with keywords. This is why you need to pay attention to the competition.

Consider The Competition

By now you know that keywords are not equal in terms of search volume. But they’re also not equal when it comes to competition. Some are highly competitive and extremely difficult to rank for, while others are low hanging fruits that could help you quickly enjoy more traffic to your listing. What do we mean?

Let’s say you’ve decided to sell a coloring book with the different dog breeds. You’ve included the keyword “unicorns” in your listing and you’re eager to see those sales coming in.

After all, you’ve done everything right. You’ve chosen a niche and a top-performing keyword. But you’ll probably notice that the result won’t come easy. Why? Because the keyword “unicorns” comes with a ton of competition as other Sellers are actively creating and selling similar products. The chances of your product showing up on buyers’ searches are slim to none.

From our list of top-performing keywords, the ones with the least competition are “summer”, “dog”, “encanto”, “beach”, “womens”,”Easter”.  Fewer Sellers are targeting these keywords on Amazon KDP, which means more opportunities for you. And what about the money-making potential?

Let’s take the word “dog”. From looking at the best-selling coloring books using this keyword, we can see that the average selling price is around $8 while the highest selling price is roughly $25.

As a comparison, coloring books with listings including the word “Easter’ normally sell for around $6, but their highest price is only $10. If you had to choose, there’s a high chance that you would opt to go for books with dogs rather than Easter. Why? Because you can price them higher and enjoy higher returns.

So, how can you use all of this information to your advantage?

Connecting The Dots

Keywords are a key component of your Seller strategy on Amazon KDP. However, simply looking at the keywords that others use won’t be enough. You’ll also need to make sense of additional information like their competition, their changes in popularity over time, how products using these keywords sell, what their prices are, and more. It’s vital to connect the dots and determine whether a keyword is worth investing your time in. From the analysis we conducted using Book Bolt’s tools, we can conclude that there are certainly popular keywords on Amazon KDP that you can use to gain a competitive advantage.

Although some of the top-performing keywords will have aggressive competition, there are still highly searched for words that not all Sellers are currently exploiting. These words can be classified as hidden gems as they can quickly help you gain more popularity as a Seller of niche books.

In A Nutshell

Amazon KDP can be profitable beyond imagination for Sellers who have carefully planned and organized their presence on the platform. Your book designs may be a brilliant way to grab attention but keywords are what make your products visible in the first place. Don’t forget to incorporate keyword research into your strategy creation process.

Book Bolt offers full insights on keywords and can truly make a difference in your success as a Seller if used consistently.

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